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More thoughts, because the finale has been doing that lately.

It seems like the entire fandom is in a general consensus regarding what happened in the finale, which isn't surprising and it makes me glad that everyone is on the same page, but it has me worried, since we know Kripke and Co. pay attention to what fans are saying. What will their reactions be once seeing how we generally feel about it? How will this affect the show next season? Will they realize they fucked up, made mistakes, attempt to fix it, a.k.a. Kripke deciding to come back to fix his baby before it all falls apart?

I just keep wondering though, had they not announced there was to be a sixth season would have the finale been constructed better than it was? Had this season been organized better concerning the Apocalypse had they known it was probably going to be their last, allowing Kripke to give us that big bang of an ending to everything that he always wanted? Somehow I feel like the CW pushing for another season really kind of ruined what could have went down here, because the finale read like a series finale and yet, we know it isn't, and it kind of feels unsatisfactory and anticlimactic with how they handled things. We had such a heavy mythological arc build-up since S4 which all leads to this finale, you'd think they would have had something of substance concerning everything connected to the big showdown, which we didn't get. I just think had they not announced them getting another season (leaving that for the upfronts post-finale) I think we would have had a better more constructed season than it seemed. Because they had something going for it in the beginning, but somewhere in the middle is where it all started falling apart, and I think that's when the announcements and rumors about a sixth season being confirmed.

So yeah. Those are my thoughts. It just saddens me that I feel this way after what should have been an explosive finale, but like I've mentioned before it was all rushed to finish all of this off when, if they were to wrap it all up, it should have been two freaking hours or extended to the sixth season rather than just starting over. It feels wrong, especially with everything they've all been through and how much none of it was properly explained or resolved. I mean when you think about it, S1 and S2 was way better at wrapping everything up with that particular arc than what happened here, and that's just disappointing on so many levels.

I'm not ready to really write a proper review yet, since I'm still in this confused and baffled haze where coherency just isn't working right now. My mind is filled with mixed feelings over everything that I don't know how or what to feel, but I've been reading other people's thoughts and further opinions so I'm glad I'm not alone in this department. *hugs everyone* I'll probably get over this like, you know, in a week or something.

But um, good news? Heroes has been officially canceled. Long overdue, but still. \O/ At least the actors can go elsewhere getting jobs that will respect them and not waste their talents. Now can somebody explain to me why the fuck Smallville still exists and is getting a tenth season? O_o
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