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Let's have a happy post, yes?

It feels like with everything fandom is kind of in a standstill of ranting/depression/uncertainty about things, never mind the wankings that have recently popped up. So let's have something to cheer us all up, eh?

~ MISHA! ~

I'm kind of thinking during the hiatus I might do a Misha Collins spamming day, but only on like Thursdays, since he is the Angel of Thursday and all of that. Just like random pictures or videos or whatever of anything Misha every Thursday between now and whenever the show returns, simply to give everyone their Misha fix because you know we'll be deprived from seeing his pretty, pretty face on our television screens weekly. What do you all think?

Fandom is pretty awesome: we have castielfest and also I can't wait to see the results from the deancasbigbang, since there are very talented people in fandom and I just know that things will explode creatively during this hiatus.

For Legend of the Seeker fans, with the finale this weekend and the devastation of it being canceled, THIS PICTURE MAKES ME GO A-SQUEE VERY VERY HARD. \O/\O/ ADORABLE OTP IS ALL ADORABLE AND SMILEY AND D'AWWW. ♥ ♥ ♥
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