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20 May 2010 @ 08:39 pm
Day 3: "You're new and shiny and me likey!"  
Day 03 - Your favorite new show (aired this TV season)

Caprica is the prequel series to Battlestar Galactica, which explores the beginnings of what prompted the annihilation of the Twelve Colonies of mankind. It airs Fridays on the SciFi Channel.

As a previous BSG fan myself, I was incredibly stoked and excited for the prequel series being made, mostly because this is an expansion of the universe that was never seen and I really love the beginnings of how things came to be. From the moment the two-hour pilot/movie had come out I was immediately hooked, which initially I was intrigued with Alessandra Torresani, who plays Zoe Graystone, who caught my eye immediately in that. But when the season started it's the entire universe as a whole that is just so beautifully crafted. One shouldn't always compare it to its predecessor, because both have different styles, but they still hold the same formatting of what is to be expected. Religion, particularly the monotheism versus polytheism themes, politics and media, terrorism, family feuds and complicated relationships, sexuality and racial matters, ethical and moral challenges of these characters and what they're going through. There's a lot of interesting aspects to the show that I feel like if people would give it a chance regardless of their feelings they can appreciate what the show is because it is consistent with BSG but can also stand alone by itself, and I think that's smart since I've seen both fans and newcomers get into the show, and it can be a great starting point to those unfamiliar with the BSG universe.

Jane Espenson is also a producer and writer on Caprica, and I think she's absolutely brilliant because she gets television and its audience, she understands what she's doing with her writing and she's constructed this highly complex and diverse universe very well. She's done multiple interviews discussing at length what those plans are, including talking about the sexuality being branched out on the show along with giving further backstory on the cultural and personal meanings on a particular character's tattoos which may not be revealed on the show itself, thus giving us more of an understanding about what this show gives with its details. And that's another thing that I love about Caprica, it's really breaking certain boundaries that other shows might not because this entire universe is set differently than our own. From religion to sexuality and how certain stereotypes that we know are broken and are not treated any differently, and like I said the amount of detail they give is just remarkable to me.

So yeah, I pretty much think this is my favorite new show because it is an expansion of the BSG universe, and it also has Cylons. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love the Cylons and anything to do with them so, having this show be about a virtual teenage girl who gets sucked into a robot and has to endure being treated like she is, is just wonderful to me. And also I don't have many new shows that became a favorite for me this season so, yeah, I'm kind of limited there.

Obviously the show needs to find its steady ground as they are in their beginning stages, but I think so far it's proven itself to have such potential and I hope many people see that, as well. It really needs more people to be watching it, so this should also have been in the show I wish more people were watching category, but you know. It really does need some more support though, just putting it out there.

Oh, and watch the opening title sequence, for real. Unfortunately the embedding has been disabled, but you can see just how absolutely stunning it is, and Bear McCreary's music. Just, ugh. Love. ♥

Masterlist of days here.

How come I didn't know that Sasha Roiz had a small spot in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? So both he and Alessandra Torresani guest-starred in the same show in the same season. Huh, very interesting.

Also, how are they so adorable together? ♥
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Renée: Castiel. Nngh.rogueslayer452 on May 21st, 2010 06:18 am (UTC)

Have you checked the links above? Those are some pretty good information sources for how eloquent she is when talking about her projects and her decisions and those kinds of things. I just love her thought process and answers to questions, because she just gets things, you know? She's one of my favorite television writers, for sure.

No judging here, bb. I completely understand. ;)
cheerful_earl: Castielcheerful_earl on May 21st, 2010 07:36 am (UTC)
Wow. With my ever-amazing observational skills, I totally missed that those were links. Go me! She is incredibly well-spoken. You get the feeling that she both loves and understands her characters, which is not the same thing. And the tattoos! I loved the explanations of those; so intricate and fascinating. Oh, Jane Espenson. Why are you so awesome?

Plus I will always read interviews all about Sam.

ETA: I do have to say that she is wrong about the Greeks and Romans. While they didn't have a stigma against homosexuality per se, it was a very rigid sort of homosexuality, all about class, age, and status. The most Romans would be just as horrified at Sam and Larry's marriage as most fundamentalist Christians, but for very different reasons- not because it was a sin, but a dishonor. It's an interesting misconception, because there is a real proliferation of "gay" culture in the ancient world, but it's not the sort of homosexuality that we think of today, with gay marriage, etc.

Edited at 2010-05-21 07:40 am (UTC)
Renéerogueslayer452 on May 21st, 2010 10:39 am (UTC)
I love the tattoo explanations the best because it really not only gives us what those tattoos on Sam mean, but just showing us the culture of Tauron and how their honor themselves by inking themselves with these symbolic messages. Like in one of the episodes Sam looked at a woman's arm and understood what she had gone through and for what. Same when Vergis showed Daniel his tattoos, as well. Of course this goes for all tattoo history, but I think it's intriguing to how it's used in the show. Very remarkable and the fact that it's so detailed makes me appreciate the kinds of time and effort they placed into telling the history of Sam by just those symbols alone.

It's an interesting misconception, because there is a real proliferation of "gay" culture in the ancient world, but it's not the sort of homosexuality that we think of today, with gay marriage, etc.

Yeah, and I think perhaps that's what they were aiming for how it's not the same as it is viewed in our world and society today, but with a small little misconception regarding that.
cheerful_earl: Castielcheerful_earl on May 22nd, 2010 01:10 am (UTC)
The scene when Vergis showed Daniel his tattoos gave me chills, as did the scene with Amanda and Sam in the car. Both were so intense, and really drove home some insights into Tauron culture. I think what I love the most, though, is that those insights were already there; they've subtly weaved in what the tattoos mean, even if we don't know, literally, what they mean. I agree, it's so remarkable.
Renée: BSG. Adama love.rogueslayer452 on May 22nd, 2010 04:13 am (UTC)
I believe we'll be getting more into the Tauron culture in the second half of the season, which I am very pleased with because I find it very fascinating.