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Day 6: "This episode above all the others."

Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite TV show

Battlestar Galactica

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"Our people need a new beginning, a new way to live in God's love. Without hate, without all the lies. All they need is for someone to show them the way. Someone like two heroes of the Cylons."

I love Battlestar Galactica, there are many episodes that have liked and loved over the course of the series. But if there's one particular episode out of them all that I consider an absolute favorite it has to be "Downloaded" from the second season, without a doubt.

It's just fantastically setup in a different way because it's told from the Cylon's perspective. We've mainly been seeing things through the eyes of the Colonials, but here it's a completely turnaround where we have the Cylon side of the story, mainly following Caprica Six and her journey and fellowship with a fellow sister Cylon who understands her feelings about humanity which differ from the collective hive of their own, and go from their developments from there and how emotionally attached they are to what they understand about humans; Boomer to her memories and relationships with those while being a sleeper agent amongst the fleet, and Caprica with her love for Gaius Baltar, and how it's affected them deeply. I kind of love seeing the Cylon lifestyle and how they think and operate, honestly. Which is why I adore anything Cylon-related because they're all just so fascinating in their own right, from their mindsets to motives and idealistic notions on things. So this episode really sheds light that having being affected from human experiences may lead to being believed to be corrupted. We see the downloading process of being reborn, we are introduced to the concept of being "boxed", we see how the Cylons are living now as they are recreating Caprica after the nukes were set off months prior. Oh, and my favorite part is that we're introduced to head!Gaius, the equivalent to head!Six that we've seen frequently, and the mystery of what the significance these two head!beings are doing in the others head in guiding them or being their conscience. And what's fun is how deliciously snarky and bitchy head!Gaius is. There's also D'Anna and her hidden agenda for what she plans on doing with Sharon and Caprica Six, we see Anders again with his resistance group, there's also the subplot of the Sharon aboard Galactica giving birth to her baby, the Cylon-human hybrid, the cray cray love between Six/Gaius and how they're connected with each other and, and. And just, yeah. So much love for this episode and all it's mindfrakking ways, I can't even.

"Downloaded" will always remain one of my top favorites, I have loved other episodes too but this will always be my answer to this kind of question. Just so much love and adoration, I cannot stress that enough. ♥

Also, you get Caprica Six bashing and killing D'Anna with a rock. Fun times, bbs. ;)

Masterlist of days here.

I would also like to add that my favorite episode of Supernatural is "On The Head Of A Pin" for the same reasons. With the turnaround of it being not just primarily focused on the Winchesters but mostly on the angels, specifically following Castiel and his storyline. And I might've mentioned this before due to my paralleling geekiness, but I honestly believe that episode is equivalent to "Downloaded" in many, many ways.
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