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And the world keeps on spinning.

++ I'm kind of proud that I have managed to convert several more people to Legend of the Seeker, kinda like how I was converted immediately after being intrigued by the show itself. So it's an ongoing cycle of getting converted and addicted, which is kinda fun when you think about it. I've just been so amazed at how I never saw this show before now, and I'm hoping for those of you who have gotten into it and love it that you'll help save the show despite the cancellation. There is still hope, don't give up!

Also yes secondstar, I have recently bought Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind and will be reading it soon.

++ I don't watch LOST. I haven't watched LOST since the first season because I kinda got bored after that, and that I never really cared about all this talk about it. However, it seemed that thanks to this F_W post I actually understand what happened in the series finale and the overall sense of the show. And it's kind of funny that someone like me, who hasn't been paying attention to anything LOST and doesn't care for these last six years it's been on, understands what happened more than some hardcore fans have. I mean sure it's complicated and mightily confusing and some of it I'm not quite sure how it fits, but from my own perspective inside my own head it makes a weird kind of sense.

I also am compelled to watch it now, BUT ONLY FOR MARKSHA. I don't care about Jack or Kate or whoever else is on that show. I just want the interesting scenes with Jacob and his storyline with the MIB. DAMN YOU MARKSHA, YOU MAKE ME WANNA WATCH THESE THINGS THAT I HAD NO INTEREST IN BEFORE! *shakes fist*

++ Oh, and speaking of which, Misha explaining slash to Marksha and that it "unites the world" will never not be the bestest thing ever. ♥ Oh Misha, you always want to bring up the slashfic wherever you go.
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