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Day 8: "You. This Show. Watch now."

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

"It is said that the death of any one person is the death of an entire world. Certainly for parents, the death of a child is no less than a holocaust. In the case of my son, these words are literally true. And even though we’ve traveled through time, bent the rules of nature, they will keep coming for him. Keep trying to kill him. But until that day, it’s gonna be one hell of a dogfight."

Although canceled after two seasons, it's certainly a worthwhile show to watch that I feel some people have missed out on while it was airing. If you like science fiction, similar shows to Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, or just like the Terminator franchise in general, I definitely recommend this show.

I'm not going to go overboard in fear I might spoil those who are interested or contemplating watching the show, but let me just say that this show absolutely surprised me after watching the pilot. I knew that I would watch and like it because I'm a fan of the franchise myself, but I never expected it to blow me away as it did. It totally hooked me from the beginning, and I stuck with in all the way to the end. There's been some debate about the second season and how it held up and all of that, but honestly? It's a great show overall and it really deals with the characters, with John Connor and how he managed during his teenager years (and if you disliked T3 I think you'll appreciate this show, since it doesn't have any regards to it whatsoever, obviously from a timeline standpoint), plus it shows that not only is John Connor a regular teenage boy but that all these characters are human; they make mistakes, they are flawed individuals. Sarah Connor, the series told from her eyes, is just remarkably strong and courageous, again one of the few women characters on television today; taking on the role previously set by Linda Hamilton and, IMO, pulls it off very well. We see her struggling between shaping her son into becoming the future leader of humanity and being a mother, seeing her train of thought at knowing what is right and wrong in situations such as this. There's also Cameron, our new resident Terminator sent back to help aide John Connor, who undergoes learning about humanity along with her relationship with John.

Plus, it's SUMMER GLAU. How can anyone not be interested in a show that features her? ;p

This is a show that shouldn't have been canceled, but unlike some shows the series finale was very satisfactory, as we know it doesn't end there as the franchise continues on, if only there's a cliffhanger that leaves us wondering what happens after that. But I say after two seasons of explosive action and character drama, even if we wanted more, it is conclusive as it is and left open for many hopeful possibilities.

The score soundtrack is also particularly outstanding, as well. It completely fits the mood of the entire atmosphere of the show, and it's composed by Bear McCreary who is also known for his incredible work on BSG as well and who is, in my opinion, a musical genius. Here's a sample from the OST:

In conclusion, I highly recommend this show to everyone, even if you're not a science fiction person, because it has not only action scenes but drama between characters, a mystery woven throughout and for anyone familiar with the Terminator franchise you know that ending of the show or not it's not the end. It's a very unique and well-done interpretation of filling in the blanks to what happened to John Connor between T2 and T3 and the character stories are fantastic, it's just all around wonderful.

Runner ups for this category: Battlestar Galactica, Legend of the Seeker and Firefly

Masterlist of days here.
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