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Day 9: "(One) of the best scenes ever"

Day 09 - Best scene ever

Now see, this was incredibly difficult because I have countless best scenes in my fandoms, I could be here all day discussing them so pinpointing just one is kind of impossible. But since this is a meme I've narrowed it down to one particular scene that is relevant to my current interests which I personally think is one of the best scenes. Most will know what I am referring to and if you don't, you don't know me that well. ;)

Introduction Of Angelic Theology

"I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition."

This entire scene of 4.01 "Lazarus Rising", right from Castiel's entrance in the barn to when the credits roll is just absolutely amazing. And I'm not just talking about it from a Castiel fangirl stance, but the conclusion to the fourth season premiere as a whole it was pretty epic even by Supernatural standards, since it introduced an entire new level of intensity to its own mythology. The fact that Kripke had kept quiet about adding the angels into the new season so well and just let it reveal itself in this premiere made the entire experience more worthwhile. I remember when it premiered and Castiel's final line was when replying to Dean why they pulled him from Hell, "Because God commanded it. Because we have work for you." I completely freaked out. In a good way, of course. The introduction to theology was the best and smartest thing the show could have ever done because, in all honesty? Had they continued what the third season did (as in being completely lacking in substance) I would have began drifting away from the show entirely. So, thank goodness they turned everything up several notches by finally adding angels into the mix, because how can you have a show about the supernatural that deals with demons and Hell without angels and Heaven? Plus, this also brings forth Dean's bigger involvement in the plot overall, which I greatly appreciated they did, it added a lot more mystery to what all their roles are in the grander scheme of everything that has happened.

But of course, this scene also introduced one of the most beloved newest members of the cast, Misha Collins as Castiel. First of all, I never have been so enthralled by a character who just appeared for a few minutes, and I was curious as to who this character is and why am I so amazed by him without knowing anything about him. I mean, hello. His entrance was epic (as all his entrance since then, he just struts it), being completely badass withstanding the sparks and the gunshots fired at him, along with showing off his wings in shadows like that? Come on, how can anyone not be at least a little bit fascinated by him from those things alone. His enigmatic presence gave us fans something to ponder about. Was he really an angel? What is this mission from God? Can we really trust him? This is what makes compelling characters and it's what Misha Collins brings to the character on his first appearance made a good impression on the fanbase.

So well in fact, that I have never have I seen this fandom react so positively in such a short period of time towards a newcomer before. Immediately the day after the premiere spn_castiel and deancastiel were created, he was instantly taken in and beloved by fandom, which is generally very rare for guest-star roles on Supernatural.

Overall, I used the ending of "Lazarus Rising" for this particular category not because it introduced my bb and had the starting wonders of my OTP, but because, in my personal opinion, it really was the best scene that got me hooked and psyched for the show again after such a disappointment the third season turned out. From the introduction of an intriguing character that turns out to be an Angel of the Lord to discovering that Dean has a higher purpose to serve towards the plot than we ever realized, it's just an amazing scene to bring to us and it got me so fascinated about where the show was heading next.

But again, this isn't the best scene "ever", it's just one of the best scenes I find that was influential for me and my viewing purposes.

Also, I'm sure others have noticed this too, but Misha's voice isn't as gravelly and deepened in the premiere as opposed to his next appearance and forward. You can watch the entire scene again here, as stupid YT disabled the embedding for it, but yeah he sounds closer to his voice in real life than the Batman!voice we hear now. Heee. <3

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