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Day 12: "Between the hundreth and gazillionth time"

Day 12 - An episode you've watched more than 5 times

Easy, everything I've ever watched, minus the episodes that I never favored or liked.

See, I'm one of those that has that quirk of watching everything multiple times. I simply cannot just watch something once. I have to see it several times in case I missed something, and for my favorite shows I do so for meta purposes, rewatching favorite moments or scenes, to the point where I've memorized the lines. It might seem kind of kooky, but this is what I've always done since like, childhood. I could never watch something one time, I was always watching something over and over and over until like the videotape was completely worn out. These days it's when the DVD is scratched up (which thank goodness for downloads, lol!) And I do this with everything really, from television to movies and even books, it's just who I am. Take it or leave it, bbs. *g*

Masterlist of days here.

In other news, it's seems like I'm totally spamming LJ these days with this 30 days of television meme rather than posting anything else of substance. This is what hiatuses does to me, okay? I become a spamwhore. I'm actually planning on making some real posts about stuff that I've been meaning to post, along with the long overdue review of the SPN finale along with my thoughts on it in general, plus perhaps separate meta posts on specific topics regarding the show.

Plus, I still have some fanmixes to get done and post. My muse kind of left me after the overwhelmingness of my shows, but it seems to have slowly returned to me so, perhaps in the near future I'll have those done as well.
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