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Misha brings all his minions to the yard...

As a continuation from my previous post, this is a compilation of the recent conventions that Misha has attended, the Asylum Europe Convention in Germany and the Heaven In Hell con held in France, all are YT videos that I think everyone might have seen already, but if not well, here they are! It's not all the videos out there, obviously, but enough to keep you lovely people entertained. ♥ And in case anyone hasn't read it yet, here's a collection of memorable quotes from the AECON. I haven't seen anything written up from the HIH con yet, but I know it'll arise from fandom soon enough. Hopefully.

*psst* Misha has a message for you....

The RING OF SALT and Marksha doing his rendition of the hokey-pokey.

Misha talking about an inflatable penis a fan gave him, which Marksha goes on talking about how he never got anything like that and Misha offers the inflatable penis to him.

Girl: You're looking so evil at me...
Marksha: It's because I'm sucking your brain out of your head.
Misha: Is there a recruiting process for that?

Marksha doesn't understand a question and Misha has to explain it to him. Basically what character traits from their own characters would they want for themselves, and then snark happens. ;)

Misha explains how he had to "reconstitute" himself after exploding, very hilarious and it really gives you a look into how he answers these kinds of questions.

Misha saying "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition" with a Russian accent. Hilarious, esp the beginning although I have absolutely no idea what was given to him which made him go "what the fuck?" lol!

The clip that now lives in infamy, Misha retelling an incident that happened on set with Jensen. Involving tongue!action.

At the Heaven In Hell con, Misha and Alona Tal are absolutely adorable together when answering a question. Like okay, the fact that Alona and Misha had a panel together is just too cute enough, but their interaction is just so much adorableness I can't even. Now I understand why some people ship Jo/Castiel, just from this alone. Oh, and they trash the Transformers movies which, lol.

Misha and Traci Dinwiddie play out Pamela's resurrection scene. These two should do comedy theater together. Seriously. <3

Misha mentions slash YET AGAIN at the Heaven In Hell con. Seriously folks, he's looking for any opportunity to talk about the slashfic. Although apparently France is more acceptable when discussing it openly in front of the actors? So what does this mean, that we here in the States are more reserved than those outside? Because it seems like everyone else overseas are more than happy to talk about the slash and fanfiction than, well, we are. I find that intriguing...and obviously, so does Misha. XD
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