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Day 13: "Oh, nostalgia"

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show

I'm defining this as a favorite childhood show that was incredibly influential and inspirational to me, since I have a lot of shows I considered my favorite during childhood. Going through all of them I realized I had two particular shows that shaped me into who I am now.

My Little Pony

This is pretty much the definition of most of my childhood, everything to deal with My Little Pony. I watched the very first MLP special, My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle, which is the clip I posted, when I was in preschool, My Little Pony: The Movie (the Smooze! Bushwoolies!) and the television series that derived from that, which included some of my favorite episodes such as Return of Tambelon and End of Flutter Valley. I kinda watched the new version a bit back then, My Little Pony Tales, though it didn't follow the continuation of the original. Apparently they're making new animations but they're not the same as MY MLP of the good 'ole days, that's for sure. But the thing about this is that the entire franchise will be timeless, it'll always be around and it'll always be loved, by me especially. You can never go wrong with My Little Pony.

I mean, come on. I collected My Little Ponies, okay? I have a pink jean jacket that had a My Little Pony cross-stitched on the back and bedazzled with jewels that my mother made for me. I had coloring books, for goodness sakes. This will always remain part of who I am, I am a My Little Pony girl, and I bet you anything with my future children I will be brainwashing them with it as well. ;)

Ocean Girl

Ocean Girl is an Australian show that became syndicated on the Disney Channel during its run in the 1990s, and the main premise is about a young girl named Neri and throughout the show we start unraveling the mysteries of who she is and where she comes from. Neri lives alone on a deserted island and possesses superhuman-like qualities such a strength, the ability to hold her breath for prolonged periods of time which allows her to swim in the ocean as a mermaid would, along with her extraordinary ability to communicate with one particular humpback whale she has befriended named Charley. The show follows her, and her newly befriended human friends, in discovering her past and who she is and how she came about on the island.

You guys, I cannot begin to articulate how much I love and adore this show. Seriously, this show, when being syndicated on the Disney Channel back in the day, pretty much stole my entire heart and it's one the reasons why I became so intrigued and fascinated with wildlife and the preserving of nature and the environment in general, as the show does deal with preventing the destruction of nature and it deals with organizations like ORCA which is a fictional underwater research and environmental protection facility that is very important in the show itself, just so you know. This was definitely a childhood favorite show for me because it just really spoke to me on many levels due to that alone. I loved all the characters, Neri especially. I love her so much, I wanted to be friends with her. I wanted to become Neri back then. Still do, in fact. I wanted to live on an island, I wanted to run free and just be amongst nature, and the water and the ocean and whales and dolphins and just have that kind of atmosphere. Just everything about Neri's world was incredibly fascinating and so surreal, I wanted to live there with her. I mean come on, she got to sleep in a tree and then swing down on a vine into a waterfall lake. Now that's what I want to do when I wake up in the morning, for real. ♥

Also, Neri taught me how to swim the proper way. There is no other way but the Neri way. True facts.

The entire show was just amazingly well-done and well-crafted with its story and the mysteries that unfolded, not just for a show of its time but also for a children's television series too, as its labeled a "deep ecology science fiction" show, which is pretty cool. There were some pretty dramatic and tense moments on the show which can be considered not kid-friendly, at least by today's standards for kids series. Then again, this was an Australian series, so chances are their quality in storytelling will be a bit better than the ones here in the States. Oh, and funny thing: I didn't realize the show had a fourth season until a couple years ago, because Disney only aired three seasons and I guess they didn't get the rights to show the fourth, which is rather unfortunate. So guess what I'll be watching once I get that on DVD when it comes out? ;D

The creator of Ocean Girl has made yet another show called H20: Just Add Water, which I guess is the Ocean Girl for the newer generation, which involves three girls who are friend that become mermaids. I've only seen a few scattered episodes but from what I've seen it's pretty good. Again, Australian series, can't go wrong there. But yes, love Ocean Girl forever and ever.

For closing, here's cute fanvideo I found showing the friendship between Neri and Charley, the humpback whale she befriended and can communicate with. If you don't smile at this, you are dead inside.

Also, here's another amazing fanmade music video that I remember watching and downloading wayyy back in 1999, and is now available on YouTube! :D The editing is very well-done considering this was made back then, and the music used for both videos are actual songs from the Ocean Girl soundtrack which, unfortunately, I don't think are being distributed anymore but I do have some myself. Including this one, "Forever Blue". ♥

Masterlist of days here.
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