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Oh SciFi, you tease so well.

++ I stayed up watching a bad SciFi movie, a scary Stephen King movie, and another bad Scifi movie just so I can see the STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE preview for next Saturday. AND THANKFULLY THEY SHOWED IT BEFORE THIS BAD MOVIE MADE IT EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! \O/

Oh Misha, the things I do for you. *facepalm*

++ LOTS stuff: Sister Nicci costume along with the original Mord'Sith costume are available to bid on eBay. Expensive like whoa, especially the Mord'Sith outfit that goes for $750.00. But still. DO WANT, OMG. *____* All we need are the agiels and the dakras and this would be completing the entire ensemble for both.

This makes me really consider creating my own versions of these costumes, for real. Because, the pretttyyyy.
Tags: legend of the seeker, misha collins, stonehenge apocalypse
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