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Day 14: "He is my favorite."

Day 14 - Favorite male character

Shocking revelation for most people, I'm sure.

I've never been fascinated with such a character before, to be honest. I've had favorites in the past with other shows of course, but nothing compares to the love I have for Castiel. The introduction of Castiel to Supernatural not only brought in such a compelling, intriguing and mysterious character onto the series but also brought in the angelical mythology as well, which both are immensely great and I felt really added excitement back into the show itself.

What I love about Castiel is mostly due to his character development over the course of season four and season five. There's just something so fulfilling and exciting seeing his journey and growth in the show, especially for a character that was originally supposed to have been in only three episodes. I mean, he's more than just some Angel of the Lord brought down to give Dean instructions, there's something with this character that's utterly fascinating, and we see that gradually unravel during the fourth season and, to a lesser extent, the fifth season too.

Castiel isn't like the other angels shown on the show, either. He is compassionate towards humans and humanity and the world that his Father created, he believes and still holds onto faith, even when it was crushed he still had something inside of him that kept him fighting for what he believed to be right; Castiel questions and doubts, he's uncertain of things and that's something I really enjoyed about his character development overall. He goes to investigate things, he doesn't follow blindly, and he's learning how to stand by himself even if the prospect is scary. Castiel is fierce and hardcore and one badass motherfucker as he is kindhearted, innocent and has a certain vulnerability to him. Particularly that when you know that he's fierce but is completely socially inept and adorably awkward and doesn't understand certain human concepts at times (and that warms my heart, tbh, that "never change" line is ESSENTIAL to this part of Castiel, for me). Castiel doesn't give up, he doesn't back down, he stays true to what he believes in and is willing to disobey and rebel against Heaven because of it, and not just that but fight to regain order in Heaven due to its massive corruption. And just the fact that everything Castiel has done has been for Dean? I absolutely love that. I mean, shipper-heart aside, that says a lot about his character right there and how much influence Dean has been on him, how much Castiel's own affections and compassion and attachment to this one particular human has made on his entire existence leading him to who he has become now. If it weren't for Dean, Castiel would never have considered disobedience, would have never questioned orders to the point of investigating and getting the backhand by his superiors, of deciding to join humanity in this fight. There's a lot of growth from him since we first saw him, just unraveling the many layers of his character and it's amazing to watch the more he learns and discovers things about the world along with himself and where he stands. That's what I love the most, actually. That he's figuring himself out in the middle of the chaos surrounding him, and has support because of it.

Plus the fact that Castiel formed a friendship with Dean Winchester is definitely something worth mentioning, as well. There's a bond, a companionship, between the two that you wouldn't have thought would happen seasons ago with Dean and anyone else. And the fact that it does with them makes it work. I'm drawn to that relationship because of how unlikely it would have been and yet it's there because both Dean and Castiel have similarities with each other it's simply undeniable, and that Castiel found a confidant other than his own kin is great to see, and vice versa too.

This is turning into a mini-Castiel meta, lol. Honestly, I could literally make this out to be an entire essay about why I love Castiel so much and why he's my favorite.

Simply put, Castiel is a refreshing character to have on a show where there are only two main characters featured. By having an extraordinarily talented actor as Misha Collins to bring such a fascinating character to life and creating the character and his story as the show went on due to his rising popularity is, by far, the best decision the show has ever made. Taking a an angel that could have just been a cardboard cut-out and just turning it around and creating such a fantastic three-dimensional complex character that has so many layers, many of which are thankfully due to Misha's performance in adding such subtleties to make the character mysterious and unveiling him one layer at a time. I love Castiel so much that I am actually very protective of him, from both fandom and the writers of the show because I seriously don't want them fucking with his characterization. Which is why he's my favorite of the entire show, actually. I like Sam and Dean I do, don't get me wrong, but neither come close to the love I have for Castiel. ♥

In other words, Castiel is one adorable BAMF angel who forever changed my entire viewing pleasures with this show in general, and I will never ever stop loving him. Truth, bbs. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Wow, that was kind of a tl;dr right there. Well, he is my favorite character, so of course I would have to gush a bit. Like anyone's surprised of my shameless fangirling, please. Heeee.
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