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Supernatural: The Anime series. My initial thought? OH JAPAN, BEST LULZ EVER.

Because really though this would definitely be for the lulz, since I cannot think of anyone taking this seriously. However! There are certain benefits that could come from this. I mean, think about. First of all, it could give us more of the mythology, particularly the Apocalypse and angel mythology and background and extending further than what the show provided for us, especially in this last season where it failed at giving us something more conclusive. And because of the production limitations the show has the anime could provide adding onto those things, like badass motherfucking angel wings or even more badass epic fights between angels and demons, and even fulfill certain battles that felt anticlimactic in the show itself. Never mind how they might even provide more homoerotic scenes, with the added blood/gore/violence/etc....

So, I don't really know. It's gonna be ridiculously bad and for the lulz for sure, because how can it not be? And yet these kinds of opportunities, if done well, might actually make for an intriguing thing to see. In all honesty I just wanna see what the voices are gonna be like, it'll be just as hilarious as hearing the dubbing of the actual show.
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