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Day 15: "Hello ladies!"

Day 15 - Favorite female character

I've been kind of slagging behind in this meme, but whatever. With this particular day there's several lovely ladies that I consider to be my favorite characters, because I couldn't choose just one.

Number Six
(Battlestar Galactica)

There are a lot of characters on Battlestar Galactica that I have grown to love and adore over the course of the series, they all have amazing storylines in their own right and deserve a great amount of love. However, if I were to choose one character in particular that would be my absolute favorite from the entire show it would have to be Six. Hands down, no competition. And it doesn't matter what copy either, from the humanized and human-loving Caprica Six, the mysterious Shelley Godfrey, the heartbreaking story surrounding Gina Inviere, the authoritative Cylon rebel leader Natalie, to even head!Six with her seductive manipulating ways, all the Six copies are love because they each were their own individual, they all had different personalities and experiences and you have to praise the extraordinary talent of Tricia Helfer, who showed off her acting chops time and again by playing these multiple different incarnations of a particular character, and that is just amazing.

It's just I think, as a whole, there's a lot of character development for Number Six as a collective. There's much growth and diversity amongst them all and how they're all so genuinely curious about humanity and how they aren't afraid of showing off their intelligence along with their comfortableness of sexuality plus spirituality as well, and how adaptable they are towards human emotions and whatnot. I mean, I honestly can be here for days discussing each Six character individually and what I adored about them, and even if I were to talk about just one in particular that would be a mini-essay right there. So really, Number Six in general. I just love her and how utterly fierce she is overall. So much love.

The runner up character would have to be Sharon, both Athena and Boomer respectively, for those same reasons. The character development and growth both of them went through based on their different experiences.

Kahlan Amnell & Cara
(Legend of the Seeker)

Kahlan Amnell and Cara are two of the leading female characters on Legend of the Seeker, my newest obsession. And I've said this before and I'll continue to stand by my statement that these two are perhaps the most fiercest and strongest independent and badass women on television since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena: Warrior Princess. There hasn't been any woman character on television today that even compares to how epic these two lovely ladies are, and that's kind of sad to say. But it's the truth. I mean sure, you can say that such-and-such is awesome in this show and that show, but I guarantee you there will never be any female character that has the combination of personality traits that Kahlan Amnell has, or has the fiercest characteristics and the gradual humanizing of her own person like Cara, and both of these characters of who actually protect the main male protagonist of the entire series. They are the protectors rather than the damsels in distress, but even with that they have their vulnerabilities and weaknesses and it's not weighing them down as characters for such growth to happen. When I watched the first season I immediately loved Kahlan, but when I got around to watching S2 I immediately adored Cara as well. I love them both equally because of what they represent to me as strong and intelligent female characters.

Kahlan and Cara are refreshing characters to have in a lighthearted, fantasy-filled escapism kind of show, and I have never felt so much love for them, or any of the female characters on the show for that matter. Legend of the Seeker is that rare show that gets characters right. It's that kind of empowerment I want from my shows in terms of women roles, and Kahlan and Cara set that bar nicely. Hence, why they are my favorite. ♥ I mean come on, who can say no to these kickass women?

Faith Lehane
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Last, but certainly not least, is Faith Lehane from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There are many characters on the show that I have loved, but the character I felt more connected to and identified with the most out of them all would definitely have to be Faith, without a doubt.

I think the majority of this had to do with her character journey and development. Yes, initially I was drawn to her because of her "bad girl" vibe and those kinds of characters are always very refreshing and fun to see being introduced, but it's much more than that. I feel like Faith was the only characters out of both BTVS and ATS that held a consistent character arc and fluid development. Looking back, because she was only recurring and not a regular on either show and how they continually brought her back really says a lot of how they thought out her entire storyline. What attracted me to Faith (other than Eliza Dushku...) was how morally conflicted and challenged she is. She's not evil, she's just made some bad choices and decisions and decided, somewhere deep inside of her, that she needed to be punished and thought it would be best to go down that dark route. However, she soon realizes that path would drive her absolutely insane and she ended up on the breaking point, because while she is a Slayer she's also human, and she has the chance to redeem herself by suffering through the consequences of her actions. Which is precisely what happens. Her road to redemption was something I loved seeing, her inner struggles and trying to right those wrongs and make amends....I think serves as a beautiful character story for her and why I feel over the course of the seasons she has felt the most completed character of them all.

This is why I consider Faith to be my favorite out of both Whedon shows, for these reasons exactly, and I still maintain that whenever they brought Eliza back to do something for either show she really lightened and livened up the screen. She's just an incredible character overall. ♥

Masterlist of days here.
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