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Day 16: "Yes, I watch it. *facepalm*"

Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show

America's Next Top Model

I know I said before that I don't do reality shows, but this is one of the exceptions due to it being my guilty pleasure shows. I think my main reason for watching is due to my interest and fascination with fashion and seeing the different kinds of concepts they use for photoshoots and how the contestants handle them. I admit to really loving anything avant garde which always looks amazing in such photoshoots. I kind of love seeing some of the girls getting called out on what they did wrong and seeing the voting towards the end, I particularly enjoy Miss J's reactions because it so hilarious. Janice is also interesting to see whenever she appears, even though she can be a really ridiculous and nasty bitch towards everyone, it's sometimes embarrassing to watch. But the reality of that is if they cannot handle Janice's hard words and criticisms, they will not survive in the modeling world, which is the realistic approach of this show; the modeling industry isn't going to be nice, you have to develop a tough skin and have to make smart decisions and know what to say and how to act, and yeah it can be harsh for these new girls but, you know, when you're auditioning to not just become a model but a top model that's what going to be expected of you. So I like seeing that portrayed. Also? I love Tyra. I don't know why, I just have this love for Tyra and her wackiness, and I never quite understood why people dislike her.

The show is also incredibly ridiculous, too. I don't like the catty immaturity that happens, I mean, come on. These girls are like around my age, act like adults for goodness sakes. Then again, ANTM wouldn't be without having all the ~drama and whatnot. I mean, anyone remember the ridiculousness of ~Jade~ in Cycle 6? Oh my God.

I haven't really watched the recent cycles, I'm kind of behind. But I tend to catch the reruns they do so. Though I do wanna see the other Top Models out there, like Canada's Next Top Model where they had Tricia Helfer hosting for the first cycle, I believe.

Masterlist of days here.

Also yes, I am going to be making my big epic post for the STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE PREMIERE for tonight, because I know many people are preparing themselves for it and I want to make a pre-post before my epic reaction post. So keep an eye for that later today. ;)
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