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Fandom: Veronica Mars and Dead Like Me

Due to the lack of good quality television shows out there, I've retreated towards older series and shows that are highly recommended by intelligent audiences. While I'm slightly behind in some of the fandoms I have recently gotten into, like Veronica Mars and Reba, I'm quick on catching up on what's been going on without getting spoiled for some of the latest episodes. And according to the VM fandom, the latest episode was a real doozy -- something I'll be looking forward to watching when I get a chance to finish the other un-watched episodes.

Which brings me to my newest fandom that I have recently discovered.

Dead Like Me. A wonderful series filled with unique quirkiness, outstanding dialogue with plenty of witticisms from the lead character Georgia (also known as George, as she likes to be called). George reminds me of Jaye Tyler from Wonderfalls -- sarcastic with a dry sense of humor on life. From the moment she dies from a flaming toilet seat in the pilot episode, I was intrigued with what exactly the series was about. Apparently, as the title bluntly states, Georgia is a trainee of becoming a Grim Reaper and is trained and escorted with her fellow Reapers who all died in some oddest ways. Of course, I do need to get the first season DVD so I can see all the episodes, but I'm greatly intrigued with this series.

Disappointed that Showtime cancelled the series some time ago, I'm really hoping that another network picks it up. Sci-Fi has been considering picking up the series, but I don't know how legit that rumor is or if it'll happen anytime soon. I've already signed the petition to keep Dead Like Me on the air (which, by the way, has 33235 signatures already). No promising this'll help, but I'm being optimistic and hoping it'll be taken into consideration.

Oh, and for Veronica Mars? Loving it! It's a shame that I didn't get into the fandom sooner, because I completely adore Veronica. She's a persnickety heroine with a mind of her own, what's not to love?
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