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++ I absolutely love how Stonehenge Apocalypse has pretty much invaded fandom right now. We've waited for this since last year and it really lived up to our expectations, which weren't high to begin with anyway. And for this we have to thank Misha Collins for being in this movie because if he weren't we probably wouldn't have bothered. And really, this entire movie was all about Misha. Clearly, I mean why else would they do epic close-ups of his face only throughout the entire movie? They knew the true priority of making this movie, which wasn't about Stonehenge. It was about Misha Collins Being Incredibly Fucking Awesome. Truth, bbs. Plus, gotta love the endless macro meme coming from this. IT TOTES WAS A ROBOT HEAD, OKAY?!

Oh Misha, please be in moar bad SciFi movies. Preferably with more SciFi actors. I kinda want him to co-star in a movie with James Callis. I have this crossover thing where Baltar/Jacob mindmeld together with their super genius scientist brains. It'd be awesome.

++ Which, I direct everyone to strangeandcharm's analysis of Stonehenge Apocalypse which she pointed out the fallacies and low-budget crap the movie had. WHICH MAKES EVERYTHING MUCH MORE LULZY, LIKE REALLY.

++ The more and more I research on what is going to be involved with Supernatural: The Anime the more excited I am for it. Again, I've never been one for anime/manga stuff, however I've been reading the recent news regarding it and I've been very intrigued, particularly since it's been announced that MADHOUSE Studios will be producing it, as I've heard they've done Death Note which people seem very pleased about, along with who will be dubbing their voices. Which listening to the Dean/Cas scene with Japanese dubs I think this is gonna be pretty awesome (and really, even in Japanese dub there will be Batman!voices which I mightily approve of, heee). I mean of course I'd have to see the anime first before making final judgments but, with all this information being brought to our attention, I think this new project is going to be fantastic.

Is it bad that I'm more excited for this anime than S6? I'd take spin-offs, which I'm still wanting btw, and anime expansions of the universe any day than a sixth season and the possibility of the seventh (as there's already suggestions that there might be one which, DNW! DNW! D:)
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