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Day 19: "They are a shiny cast, indeed"

Day 19 - Best TV show cast

The Cast of Firefly

What I love about the entire cast of Firefly is how quickly they became friends, which was about some odd days after first meeting each other. I've heard this story told from nearly all of them at how immediately they all clicked together and just became something of a family with each other, hanging out, spending time around set even if they didn't have anything to shoot that day, going to each other's houses for barbecues and whatnot. And you can see just how comfortable they are around one another, it shows from their interactions even today after all these years since the show had been canceled in 2002 and when they did the film in 2005, even when they're off doing their own shows, they still hang out with each other. It's just, I've never seen such a ensemble of a cast just be so supportive and loving towards one another and still stay in touch even after years since their show had been canceled. Not only that but how passionate they are about the show and their characters in general, since they still go to conventions and love meeting and greeting the fans, new and old. The fact that not only did they participate in the fan documentary Done The Impossible where give the love for the show and their fans, and go time and again to really show their love for what brought them together in the first place is just absolutely heartwarming. It's very rare to see a large cast that only just began a show for it to be canceled prematurely and be utterly devastated because they loved the characters and the universe so much. Most shows would be like "oh well, it sucks but it was fun." Not with the cast of Firefly, they were so bummed that they kept fighting and hoping and wishing for something to be done, right alongside the fans. And it's because of this shared love that's gotten the entire 'verse continue to fly on to this day. There's just a lot of love here, the love the cast have for their craft and with each other and the fans and for Joss and, yeah. So much love.

I think that's why they're the best television show cast simply because they still are really good friends and still hang out. It's that magical moment when you really do realize that certain casts really do have great chemistry with each other, and that they love the show as much as we, the fans, do as well and show their support and appreciation time and again, and would be willing to drop anything at any moment for a chance to make another movie for the universe of Firefly again. As far as I'm concerned, this cast is pure love and adoration. ♥

Also, come on, when you have Nathan Fillion adding as many Firefly references into his new show Castle as often as he can, and I mean really sneaking them in, it's obvious how infectious the love for the show has taken off. ;)

Here's a mini-spam showing just how adorable they are:



Runners up: The entire Battlestar Galactica cast, for a lot of reasons but I think it's a mixture of incredibly talented actors (Mary McDonnell, Edward James Olmos), discovering new talent along the way (Tricia Helfer, supermodel-turned-actress), and how appreciative they are about the fans and the show in general and speak very highly about the re-imagined series and the vision that Ron Moore had created with it as a whole. Particularly with Edward James Olmos, who speaks with such high praise for BSG and says that out of his entire career he's the most proud of being part of BSG the most. Especially when you hold intelligent and thought-provoking conversations with these cast members who think about the roles they're playing and the background and such, it's amazing to hear those kinds of stories and take deep appreciation and respect to their work. You don't see that often in television shows anymore, and that's why Battlestar Galactica is my second choice and gets an honorable mention in this category.

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