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Aliens on the moon? That is redonkulus.

++ Ratings for the premiere of Stonehenge Apocalypse, drawing in 2.1 million viewers. LOL SO HARD! YOU CAN THANK ALL THE MISHAFANS FOR THEIR UTMOST DEDICATION TO OUR SUPREME OVERLORD SIFFY, KTHX. ♥

++ There's been a release of the character designs for anime!Sam Winchester and anime!Dean Winchester. I, personally, think both are great. Obviously they're not going to look completely like the actors and this is just a character design after all, it needs to be colored in and finished off. At least Sam's hair is looking exactly like it did in S2, which is much better than in the actual show lately, which if they plan on keeping the characters like they are that is a plus in my book.

++ I'm sure others have heard this by now regarding the Criminal Minds situation, if not it's a great matter of devastation and anger. Though I haven't watched the show for some seasons now, what irritates me about this is that they feel they have the audacity of reducing the female roles and saying that the male roles are going to be more forefront. Which is absolute bullshit. The thing I loved about CM was how much of an ensemble they are and that they all work as a team rather than a battle of the sexes. And it looks like even the actors weren't aware about this decision until recently.

Please, if you feel this is unjust (which it is), sign this petition to save the women from CM.

++ Information regarding the SPN S5 DVDs have been released. The extras are kind of lackluster to be honest, particularly since there seems to be only ONE commentary for one episode which is "The End", and that has already been released online months ago. Though honestly, I'm more interested in seeing the GAG REEL than anything else, obviously. Hopefully there's tons of Misha involved being absolutely cray cray, otherwise I'm going to call foul and write, idk, angry letters or something. I want to see Misha cracking up while Jared is molesting his ass off-camera or something.

Oh, and this: "Season Five follows Sam and Dean on their most terrifying journey yet, one that may lead them to the only ally strong enough to defeat the Devil: God." <--- is the most misleading description ever. Since you know, it's the abandoned plotline that had me very disappointed and angry as a whole this season. Which I'll have more to discuss/rant about that later when I actually decide to post some meta regarding the finale/season in general.
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