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Day 20: "I want smoochies!"

Day 20 - Favorite kiss

I have a few very specific kisses that make me all gooey and gushy and fluttery inside, not gonna lie.

Six and Gaius
the kiss in the Opera House

Okay, so basically I love anything involving Six/Gaius, that's a given. But I out of all their moments this scene in the Opera House in the season one finale, "Kobol's Last Gleaming". Not only is the entire scene absolutely gorgeous by itself but this is such a beautiful moment between Six and Gaius; Six leading him to the stage of the Opera House by telling him of his destiny, and once they reach the stage and they look inside the white baby crib where she says "isn't she beautiful, Gaius?" he has this wistful look on his face, like he can't believe what he's seeing. And then he looks at Six, and then initiates the very passionate kiss between them. That, along with the crescendo of the equally gorgeous "The Shape Of Things To Come" composed by Bear McCreary (my favorite tracks from the entirety of the BSG scores, by the way), how the camera pans around them kissing, and the montage of the shocking ending of the season is just. Yeah. I have so much love for this kiss, mostly because Six and Gaius are kissing very passionately with so much love and adoration on both their ends, while all this chaos is happening elsewhere for other characters.

It's very beautiful, it's touching and moving and I can't help but smile whenever this scene comes on. It's just when Gaius just reaches out to kiss her, it's very significant to their relationship and how, in that moment, even if he's completely unconfused about his particular destiny, he's so moved by what Six is showing him that the affection and admiration he has for her just comes out like that. And it's, I can't really explain it better than that. ♥

Richard and Kahlan
pretty much every single kiss they share

The description kind of says it all, lol. Every single kiss between Richard and Kahlan makes me smile, because they are just too freaking adorable together. I can't just pick one particular moment because every single one is just as important and beautifully done. Okay, that's kind of not true. I really did love the moment at the end of "Bound" when Kahlan and the others find Richard and Kahlan is running towards him all giddily and they hug, and Richard is so happy and giddy as well that he smiles while kissing her, and she with him. IT IS TOO ADORABLE BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO ADORABLE, OKAY? SO MUCH RICHARD/KAHLAN LOVE I THINK I MIGHT PUKE RAINBOWS. ♥ ♥

Alice and Hatter
the Almost!Kiss and the "finally" scene

I had to include this from the SciFi Channel's miniseries Alice, because I pretty much fell in love with Alice/Hatter through it and I was rooting for them to hook up throughout the entire thing, really. There's the almost!kiss that happened which I was like praying and hoping that would happen, because there's so much chemistry between Hatter and Alice, and it kept growing and growing as it continued oh and I was like, oh yay they're gonna kiss in the middle of the woods and it's gonna be great! But, of course, it had to be cockblocked. Since they love torturing us, apparently. So for the duration of the miniseries we had to wait until the opportune moment. But then came the final scene of the whole miniseries. Alice had returned home, things were going to be like nothing in Wonderland ever happened, that is until Hatter suddenly appears right at her doorstep. She runs and hugs him so tightly and happily, both of them looking so relieved, like some kind of weight had been lifted from them, and they do finally kiss and it's magical. Just the way that Hatter says "finally...I missed you" is just, yeah. The entire ending was so satisfactory and perfect, it left me having warm and fuzzy feelings inside. ♥

So I choose both of those moments, the almost!kiss because they definitely would have had Jack not interrupted and the very last scene when they finally do, because it's like really fulfilling that need for not just for them, but for the audience that had been waiting for it as well. :) It's just such a wonderful thing to have in this miniseries, honestly. Hence why I love it so much.

Booth and Brennan
underneath the mistletoe

Booth and Brennan. Sexual tension. Mistletoe bribery. Seriously hot makeout session between them, which evidently involved some tongue action as well.

There are many amazingly hot moments between Booth and Brennan on Bones, because the show practically thrives from their unresolved sexual tension. But I categorize this as my favorite kissing moment between them because Brennan acts like it's absolutely nothing, like she kinda does with most things like it's just very clinical and it's no big deal. Booth obviously thinks it to be a big deal, he's very like very uncomfortable and nervous about it, but once it happens it's like they just cannot stop. Brennan practically pulls at the lapels of his jacket, okay? She really gets into it. And after they break apart it's like, yeah. Flushed. Flustered. And then they start rambling, it's so cute. They lurvveeee each other. ♥

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