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++ Father's Day came and went, and I hope everyone had a great time celebrating with their fathers or father-figures in their lives. Mine was very brief, which goes to show how much time we actually spend together. Not that it's bad or anything, but I will say Father's Day for me is kind of bittersweet because I'm always envious of those who actually have relationships with their fathers. I wish I had something more between me and my dad like an actual father-daughter kind of relationship. But the silver lining? At least he's trying to have some communication and I still have him around making those efforts, and I should appreciate that.

++ Misha changed the background on his Twitter. TOLD YOU HE WAS A CYLON!

++ LOTS STUFF: Have been keeping an eye on this post since it frequently updates with the current props being sold on eBay, not that I would bid on anything but it's nice to see what they're auctioning off. They still have the White Mother Confessor dress available for bidding (the Dark Confessor dress had already been sold for over $2,000), along with one of the Sword of Truth replicas and the Boxes of Orden, and plenty other goodies.

++ I find it absolutely hilarious that the recently new Doctor Who episode featured them at Stonehenge directly after having STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE premiere. AND THERE WERE ROBOT HEADS (Cybermen) INVOLVED! OH MAN, LOL. EPIC CROSSOVER TIME, Y/Y? I can just imagine Jacob being incredibly vindicated but jealous right about now, lol. Also, because of the movie every single time I see anything in relation to Stonehenge I start laughing. All I can think is IT IS A TERRAFORMING DEVICE LEFT HERE BY BEINGS FROM ANOTHER TIMEEE!!! Heeee!

Plus, did you know that there's a Stonehenge anthology board game? lol, idek you guys.

++ Richard Speight Jr. being adorable, yet again. I love that he signs off with "toodles", d'awww. BB COME BACK! ;__;
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