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Day 22: "Epic finales are epic"

Day 22 - Favorite series finale

Battlestar Galactica

"All of this has happened before...but the question remains, will all of this happen again?"

If we're going by a series finale that gave a conclusion to a story, where the characters and their storylines and specific journeys were fulfilled and resolved, and was ultimately satisfactory to everything being told right from the beginning, that had a powerful and beautiful message in the end, then I'd definitely go with the two hour Battlestar Galactica series finale of "Daybreak, Parts 1 & 2", without a doubt. There's something so poetical about it that I cannot even begin to describe.

While yeah, fandom pretty much exploded after the finale aired because it wasn't what they expected it to be, but honestly I cannot see BSG ending any other way than what it did. These people deserve a happy ending, deserve to have something conclusive to their journey after all they'd been through. I loved everything about it. This finale stayed true to the heart and soul and core of what Battlestar Galactica had been about since the very beginning, which was of the characters and about humanity, about finding a common ground with their enemies-turned-allies, of finding that place to call home and wanting to break the cycle that has been continuing for thousands and thousands of years. The themes of what it means to be human, about humanity and our very nature, about the cycle of life and about time, about learning from our mistakes of the past. It's just beautiful, and for the second half of the finale they used that time to really conclude certain character storylines and I loved how every single one of them turned out. Now surely there are things left unanswered and certain things left untouched, but overall I think this finale really was perfection in every sense of the word. From the mythology and unraveling of the mysteries such as the Opera House and Kara's destiny, to the emotional character arcs and storylines to the gorgeous and thought-provoking coda at the very end, it fits so well like pieces of this larger puzzle we've been figuring out since day one, it's just remarkable. The BSG finale is certainly beyond spectacular and I couldn't be happier with it, and the more I rewatch it the more I fall in love with how it played out.

I especially love this scene, which is SPOILERISH FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN THE FINALE! But if you don't care then alright, go watch it, because I still get chills whenever I watch it:

For those that disliked it well, I have to say it's their loss if they can't appreciate the beautiful meaning behind it all. Like I stated above, this finale really makes you rethink about not just life in general, but about human nature and our tendency to repeat history and whether we can correct our mistakes. There's plenty of meta in this finale, particularly within the coda itself, which is what makes Battlestar Galactica incredibly different from other shows. It doesn't give all the answers away thus allowing us to theorize and question and have deep conversations and debates about what things mean. The deep thought-provoking message the show was conveying to us, the audience, through this finale is so poignant and so appropriate for the universe surrounding the show itself really gives us a chance to step back and think, and I really love that. Hell, even today I'm still thinking and mulling it over and coming up with new thoughts and theories to it.

I have so much love and appreciation for this finale. Battlestar Galactica is that show that I still maintain is the best television show ever, and with this finale it truly does shine brightly in my eyes. It really was absolutely phenomenal, both the show and the finale as a whole, and nobody will convince me otherwise. So say we frakking all! ♥

Runner Up: I have to give an honorable mention to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series finale, because whether or not one's opinion is regarding the seventh season as a whole the series finale really truly was spectacular in its own right. It wasn't really an end, but it was satisfactory to the entire legacy of the Slayer and it was very empowering and made a huge impression on me, personally.

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