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25 June 2010 @ 03:57 pm
Day 23: "Oy vey..."  
Day 23 - Most annoying character

There are plenty of characters that I find annoying in almost all my fandoms, so it really depends. There are certain characters that are annoying mostly due to how a particular actor portrays them, or how they're written, sometimes even both. Sometimes it's not even a character I dislike, it can just be the direction the writers chose for a season or storyline or whatever. And honestly, it would take forever to really list the names of characters that I found the most annoying in all these fandoms that I have, so I'll just leave it at this because it could turn into a huge ranting post if I did. Besides, if you know me and are familiar with my opinions on certain fandoms, I'm sure y'all know which characters I find irritating and annoying, so I really don't need to get into that today. *g*

Masterlist of days here.

Okay, everyone knows that I don't do spoilers unless my curiosity gets the better of me and I seek them out myself. Well, there's been one particular spoiler that I couldn't avoid.

From SFX issue #198: "There's also been talk in the writers' room about how to bring The Trickster (Archangel Gabriel) back."

Lord have mercy, I just about cried right when I read this. Seriously, if there was any character death on Supernatural I was the most upset about it was Gabriel's, for sure. I mean, I guess they read about how outraged most of fandom was based on the petition of saving Gabriel was put up the moment after that episode aired, and now they're in the works of actually fulfilling it. Which I'm very sure it was fandom's influence because our voices do count in certain ways.

I just hope if and when this occurs they better fucking use his character with everything they've got, because just to bring him back for a flimsy little thing is not gonna cut it. Gabriel is a fantastic character portrayed by a very talented actor, and this better not be one of those "bring them back only to use them minimally and then kill them off (again)" spiel that this show is very famous for doing now. THEY HAVE ALREADY FUCKED WITH MY EMOTIONS ENOUGH WITH FAKING OUT HIS DEATH AND THEN DOING IT FOR REAL, AND NOW THIS NEWS. IT BETTER BE FOR PERMANENT OR ELSE I AM CUTTING SOME BITCHES. Either way though, I know that Richard Speight Jr. will be absolutely thrilled once learning they're planning on this, because he's been just a sweetheart. Only four episodes of the whole series, but his gratefulness towards the fans have been so overwhelming that I'm sure he'll be just as overjoyed as we are when they finalize this.

My theories on bringing Gabriel back is quite simple: God brings Gabriel back because he was faithful to the cause. I mean, come on. Castiel was resurrected twice now and mostly it was in protection of the Winchesters. Gabriel did the same thing, coming through in the end, even if it was a suicide mission, but he put others first before himself and faced up to Lucifer. He deserves at least a reward for that, it just makes perfect sense. And my wish is that Gabriel and Castiel have more screentime together, brotherly bonding, perhaps traveling alongside the Winchesters. Or even their own little mission! Wishful thinking I know, because since when does the show focus on any other character, supporting or otherwise, that isn't the Winchester brothers? But you never know.

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but dammit this is GABRIEL! And I love Richard and this just, yeah. It makes me happy.

Other than that, I've been rewatching the first season Dark Angel, because it's been forever since I've watched it and I suddenly had an itching to view it again. I think it's interesting how many people now have started watching it from the second season rather than the first all because of Jensen Ackles. Which yeah, he was great in it, but I prefer the first season much better since I think it flowed more smoothly, mythology-wise. The second season introduced many new elements that were hardly finished, and it leaves me wondering had they not been canceled would those mysteries be resolved? I think the first season was simple enough that it had a mythology element that wasn't too complicated, but it was just right to keep you intrigued in what was going on. Also, as a personal observation, Jessica Alba seemed happier and healthier during the first season.

That's just my own take on it, anyway. Love the show as a whole, but the first season really remains my favorite due to that.
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goldenusagigoldenusagi on June 27th, 2010 01:13 am (UTC)
I didn't want a permanently human Cas, but I do think that they could have made more use of him than one episode. Why couldn't he have come back in 5.19 or 20 and been dealing with being human? That would make his return to being an angel that much more of an experience.

I just wonder about archangels. Probably because the show didn't do so much besides saying they were "absolute." I mean, I'm sure God can do whatever he wants, but I don't see him making Gabriel less than an archangel, or making Cas into one. I do like the idea that the four archangels were somehow first, or more, or tied closer to creation than all the ones that followed. I guess part of that supposition comes from the fact that Lucifer and Gabriel were cast out or left Heaven, yet still had their powers. They weren't diminished or (able to be) cut off like Cas and Anna were.

Unless (and here's a truly terrifying thought), what if what we saw Gabriel and Lucifer do *were* their diminished powers and that as archangels in Heaven they'd be that much greater.
Renée: Castiel/Lucifer. Angels of the Lord.rogueslayer452 on June 27th, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
I didn't want him to be permanently like that either, though in hindsight that exploration should have been furthered because that would have added more of his character development. I mean, have him adapt to being human, of understanding humanity on that kind of level, would have been interesting to see. The fact they only had one episode with that wasn't enough. It's like, why couldn't they have done that earlier in the season if they were to introduce something like that?

There's much of the angel mythology that has yet to be explained on the show. They introduced many things yet left it hanging wide open with little explanation, and I might be wishful thinking for them to really explain certain things like the hierarchies in the show between angels and of demons, and the archangels and the like. It's just something to really fanwank and speculate about.

Unless (and here's a truly terrifying thought), what if what we saw Gabriel and Lucifer do *were* their diminished powers and that as archangels in Heaven they'd be that much greater.

I don't know if that's a really terrifying thought, but it makes you think about the limitations angels have whilst in a human vessel than in the realms of Heaven, with or without the diminished or restrictions of their abilities.
goldenusagigoldenusagi on June 27th, 2010 11:55 am (UTC)
Well, everyone assumes that Lucifer and Gabriel couldn't be cut off because they're archangels. That the angels in Heaven don't have the power to, or that archangels simply can't be cut off from Heaven (like Cas could be) because they're made up of the stuff of Heaven. But what if all the awesome things we saw Lucifer and Gabriel (in particular) do were with their powers cut off from Heaven? That archangels are so far above other angels, even when they're away from the Host? If Gabriel could create alternate realities and worlds out of thin air while cut off, what much more could he (or say Michael or Raphael) do normally?

Though I also like the theory that archangels simply can't be cut off from the Host, no matter what they do, because they're made differently.