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Veronica Mars....she's a marshmellow

I'm one of the unfortunate ones that hasn't seen the season finale of Veronica Mars, which is because I haven't seen anything past the fifteenth episode. Being a newcomer to the fandom doesn't do me justice in this case, and because go_pirates has been suspended there's absolutely no way to get the episodes I haven't seen in order to catch up. As I have stated before, the finale seemed to have been good because practically everyone that is a fan of it is talking about it. I haven't seen it, so I'm avoiding the spoilery talk until I do.

Watching and rewatching the episodes I do have, however, it had suddenly occurred to me that Veronica reminds me of certain characters in V.C. Andrews novels. Only her characters aren't extremely snarky like Veronica is at times. Perhaps I'm just finding parallels everywhere within my fandoms, which is what I do. I'm also understanding my fascination with the show. I'm finding similarities between Veronica and myself. She's also a likeable character that's following in her own path, but keeps getting sucked back in by the black hole of secrets of the past and the mystery of Lilly Kane. She's also opinionated, sarcastic, sly, and very persnickety -- and I like that in protagonists, especially a female lead role protagonist.

I'm waiting for the release date for the DVD's to come out so I can pre-order them. Seriously, this is my newest obsession now. Why I hadn't discovered this before is beyond me. The same goes for Dead Like Me, but I have a valid reason for that -- I don't get Showtime, and even if I did I probably wouldn't have had much time to watch it anyhow.

I've also been fascinated with the Carnivàle series too, which I still haven't seen yet. I know, I'm horrible at catching up with shows, but I hardly ever watch television anymore and this is why I'm late in coming into a certain series. That, and some shows air when another show I watch is on. Schedules like that are a bitch.
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