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Don't mind me, I just love my multiships.

++ By marathoning Dark Angel I revisited one of my favorite pairings. Now obviously the main ship of the show was Max/Logan, and yeah I can see the potential for Alec/Max too. However my pairing during the run, and still is to this day, is Zack/Max. I know I may be in the minority, but there was serious chemistry between them. It was even implied on the show at certain times that Zack looked at her more than in a brotherly way. In the episode "Blah Blah Woof Woof" for example, and even in a later episode when he tells her that there was no possible way he could ever forget her. Obviously it was seen as one-sided given how protective Zack was over Max, but had the show gone that route I wouldn't have been surprised.

And because this is a rarepairing there are hardly any fic about them, unfortunately. I remember reading one long ago, way back when allowed NC17 stories on their site, but other than that no dice. :(


One True Pairing Ship:

DEAN/CASTIEL. Obviously, come on now. I don't really need to explain this, do I?

Canon Ship:

Sam/Jessica. ♥ I have such a soft spot for those two, like seriously. They were utterly adorable together and I felt had Jessica actually stayed alive yet Sam still got into hunting anyway for whatever reason and she tagged along, she would have been good for him, you know? She had that purity and innocence about her, and would have grounded Sam when his brother couldn't on certain things, since we know they go head to head sometimes and I think with Jessica around more often she would have been kind of his conscience, and he wouldn't have gone the direction he did.

"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" Ship:

It's clearly a fanon thing but, Sam/Castiel. I like them having an awkward and estranged kind of friendship and being cool with each other than detesting the other for whatever reason, but romantically? Yeah, I don't think so. Only for the crack-induced and the lulz, but otherwise the very thought of them together is kind of hilariously ridiculous.

Dean/Lisa. Illogical, unnecessary, unhealthy, stupid, random, etc. This entire random thing of adding Lisa into the mix at the last second just fills me with such rage and makes me wonder why this was even approved into the script in the first place, since it makes absolutely no sense in the continuity of not just the show and the story but to the characters as well. It was just added to give Dean something to latch onto when everything was over and it makes a nice character like Lisa being mistreated and misused for that purpose alone and just, ugh. NO. JUST NO. DO NOT WANT EVER, KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Guilty Pleasure Ship:

S3!Ruby/Castiel. I can't really explain it other than the possibility of Katie!Ruby and Castiel is kind of hot, plus that Ruby was far more amazing and kickass that the second version ever would be, and that's just facts bbs. She and Castiel could do amazing things together, it would have been awesome. And Dean would watch and possibly join in. ;)

"I dabble a little" Ship:
Sam/Gabriel. I don't know, there's just something about the pairing that has gotten a hold on me.

Castiel/Lucifer, because after "Abandon All Hope" how can I not dabble a little into that kind of possibility?

Back in S3 I dabbled a little in Dean/Ruby, mostly due to "Malleus Maleficarum" and how much Katie and Jensen had that kind of chemistry in their scenes from that episode alone. It's what got me thinking that okay, the implications are there, why the hell not?

Chuck/Becky, even though it's blatantly the self-inserts for Kripke and Gamble, as fictional characters by themselves I find them absolutely adorable and kind of forget everything the finale said and, in my version, Chuck and Becky are off elsewhere with their geeky love and Chuck is sharing his latest stories with her before they are set off to be published and Becky is slowly started to be converted into a Dean/Castiel fangirl in the process, lol

"It's like a car crash" Ship:
Sam/Ruby 2.0, because it was such a disastuh! Like seriously, nothing good came out of it. I'm definitely not a fan for many reasons, but mainly because it drove Sam down the wrong path entirely.

Also, others have mentioned it and the more I think about it the more I realize it's absolutely true: future!Dean/future!Castiel. Like, the devastation of their relationship, how despite that future!Castiel stayed at Dean's side as the world started crashing down that they just grew apart from each other, future!Dean and his cynicism and cold-heart especially. Not just in fanfiction where their relationship is explored more but the implications in canon that future!Castiel liked past!Dean, how he preferred that Dean to the future!Dean, how future!Dean would sacrifice him in a blink of an eye just to focus on the main objective. It's a train wreck, it's heartbreaking like whoa. ;__;

"Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" Ship:
Dean/Gabriel. Especially after "Hammer of the Gods" because their bantering and snark and innuendos were pure gold there. I'm not particularly sold on them just yet, but again, there's always room for possibilities.

"Makes no canon sense but why the hell not" Ship:
Castiel/Crowley. I think perhaps it's my giant wish to see more Castiel/Crowley scenes in the future because they hardly got to share anything together this last season, and come on the banter between them would be fantastic. Crowley can make innuendo jokes and Castiel can tilt his head in confusion. Or, alternatively, Gabriel/Crowley mostly for the same reasons, and also the snark between them would be beautiful. ;D

Jo/Castiel. I have no idea why this is, but after seeing plenty of videos from the Heaven In Hell Convention with Misha and Alona doing panels together, I find myself kind of shifting to the possibility that yeah, sure, it could work in some odd kind of way. Or, maybe that's more going towards Misha/Alona but since I only do strictly mild RPF this is the other solution.

Jo/Ruby 1.0, and I blame this solely on a piece of fanfic I read, Slow Spinning Redemption, which really intrigued me and it's one of the few femmeslash pairings in the fandom I really do enjoy. It makes no canonical sense at all, but again most rarepairings never do anyway. Heh.

I also do crossover pairings as well, like incredibly multifandom crack!pairings for various characters and many different alternative situations. Those also make no canonical sense because neither are part of each others canonical universes, but I love them regardless because it sets up those amazing possibilities if they were involved in some way.

"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" Ship:
Sam/Dean. I'm just not into Wincest. I don't see it or feel it, which makes me kind of shunned by the majority of fandom as a default because of that, but whatever.

"When all is said and done" Ship:
John/Mary. ♥ Even though the show is trying to make John seem like a larger asshole than he actually was as the seasons continue, they pretty much are the OTP of the show canonically since the beginning. I love the flashbacks of seeing them as their younger selves, they were so very much in love and it pains my heart to know what happens to them later on in their lives. But even with that, they were adorable and I love them so much.

++ I watched the premiere episode of Haven yesterday, and it's pretty good. It was kind of shaky in the beginning, but once the episode started moving with the mystery it really found its footing and I really like the characters towards the end. It has much potential, and the ending gives that suspenseful "something more is up here" kind of feel which I personally like. So yeah. I like the main leading character, she started to really hold her own at the end as well. Since this is the starting point we'll see how the rest of the show goes but as for right now, I give my approval stamp. Now I gotta download Eureka because I needs my James Callis fix. ;)

Though interestingly, I had a dream recently that Misha Collins was to guest-star on Eureka, except he would play Castiel who mysteriously got transported into that universe...and he was there searching to buy himself a fedora similar to what James character wears as seen in promotional pictures. Just goes to show what my brain conjures up, and how much I really want Misha and James Callis to do something together. Hehe.
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