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A few things:

++ Watched the fourth season premiere of Eureka, it was very interesting even if the twist at the end is slightly confusing. Though I was mostly watching because of JAMES CALLIS and his sexy self. 1940s noir does wonders for him, and it's nice hearing him doing an American accent accurately. Though I half expected him to turn into Baltar with that white lab coat he wore in that one scene, lol.

++ I'm getting a kick out of reading the reports from the NJCon, it sounded like so much fun, especially hearing the crazy wacky antics that Misha was up to, as usual, and the brave soul that asked the pornlific question thus making Misha utterly speechless. I wish I could have gone, but alas I could not. But there's always Chicago Con. *winkwink*

++ Everyone's familiar with the Old Spice Guy, right? Well, he's responding IN CHARACTER to YouTube comments, Twitter tweets, Facebook replies and other comments right now in multiple separate videos dedicated to the person. If you're on Twitter go tweet @oldspice and see if he responds to your question and/or comment. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FOR ANYONE THAT HAS A TWITTER, SOMEONE TWEET THIS TO MISHA BECAUSE HIS TWITTER PERSONA AND THIS GUY'S OLD SPICE PERSONA CAN CREATE SPARKLING RAINBOWS IF THEY RESPONDED TO EACH OTHER!! I AM SERIOUS, Y'ALL.
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