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Day 30: "Curled up in a ball, shaking and crying."

Day 30 - Saddest character death

Gabriel's Sacrifice
5x19 "Hammer of the Gods", Supernatural

Just looking at this graphic makes me kinda weepy, ngl. ;___;

This just wasn't the saddest character death I've seen recently, but it's the most devastating death that has come from Supernatural that I actually cried legit tears for. As soon as we hit the commercial break, I was silently sobbing because I couldn't believe they killed him not one but twice in the same episode, and this last time was for real. I was in complete denial long after, and yet I knew it was true. Not only was I devastated, I was angry too. Like, they just introduced us to the fantastic reveal of the Trickster being Gabriel this passed season, and there's much to explore with this character and his motives and they could have turned it around where he ends up fighting alongside the boys and Castiel, but they didn't. They killed him before anything else about his character was fully examined and fleshed out, and I think had they had some episodes prior to this one to do that, I still would have been affected by it but it would have made sense and I wouldn't have been so angry afterward. But Gabriel's death seriously had me in a fit of emotions after this episode aired. I don't think I can watch this episode again without tearing up.

Nevertheless, the very scene itself was very well done by both Marksha and Richard Speight Jr. They acted the hell out of their moments together with this being their first and last scene ever on Supernatural. The emotions coming from both sides and what makes this scene incredibly effective wasn't just Gabriel's words to Lucifer, but how Lucifer reacted to killing his brother. He was actually crying at the end, okay? He didn't want to, and neither did Gabriel in fact, and in that final moment with Gabriel clutching Lucifer's arm and Lucifer cupping his brother's face was any indication of how much they loved each other as brothers. You could tell there was major history between them just from that alone, and it makes me sadder than before thinking about it. ;___;

My second saddest character death scene in this show would have to be Ellen and Jo's deaths, because it was so beautifully executed but heartbreaking all at once because I loved those two and seeing them go was utterly tragic. :(

Other Runner Ups: Tara's death in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because it happened so quickly we didn't get a chance to register it until after it happened and it's just, so fucking sad. And can I also add the entirety of "The Body" too? Because Joyce was already dead, but that whole episode was dealing with handling that death in such a beautiful manner that it would be a crime to not mention it. That's one episode you have to watch once a year or something, it's that emotionally draining. Fred's death in Angel, and also even though it's from the movie, Wash and Sheppard Book's deaths are two that I'm still not entirely over. DAMN YOU JOSS, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD! *shakes fists*

Masterlist of COMPLETED days here.

Meme is now finished! I feel like doing another 30 days challenge because this was fun.

I really need to catch up on Warehouse 13, but I caught last night's episode and behold, Jewel Staite and Sean Maher were on it! It was like a Firefly reunion with the possible AU of what Simon and Kaylee would've been in the future together or something and just, d'awww. Such a shiny surprise, let me tell you. It me really hoping for more possibilities of cast reunions in this manner. \O/
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