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"There's no such thing as no such thing!"

Remember when I said I needed to get caught up on Warehouse 13? Well, I just marathoned S1 and I'm loving it. I am loving it far more than I should, but whatever. It's becoming my newest obsession right now.

I actually did start watching Warehouse 13 when it premiered and liked it, but then I kinda stopped for whatever reason. But now since I just marathoned the entire first season and watched the first two episodes of the new season, and I have fallen in love. With everything from the characters and their wacky personalities and relationships with each other to the missions and all the fascinating artifacts that they deal with. It's a lighthearted, fun-filled show with some serious moments and mysteries, some even a bit disturbing (the episode with Edgar Allan Poe, the Dark Vault inside of the Warehouse, even that lobster-looking gadget that attaches to your spine and electrocutes you if you wear it for too long? Yeah, definitely creeptastic things right there), but it doesn't make the show any less awesome.

I think what I love about this show is that they take many artifacts, everything from random to historical or ancient, and place something mystical and mysterious about whatever power it holds. Like Lewis Carroll's mirror, the disco ball that There's no proper way of explaining how the mysticism of some artifacts even manifested, sometimes it's about energy, sometimes it's a scientific experiment gone awry, but each and every artifact is unique in their own way. They really mix things up every now and again, and it's just fascinating to see what they come up with next in their universe.

Also, another thing that I've noticed is how very steampunk-influenced Warehouse 13 is. Just looking at some of the archaic gadgets they use, like the Farnsworth communicator that acts like a portable webcam for example, is really eye-catching and fascinating-looking. Those details makes the show so interesting, aesthetically too.

But I think the main source of what I love about this show is the characters. The characters and their relationships with each other and just how well they work as an ensemble. Myka and Pete were introduced together in the pilot and they didn't really like each other very much, we see them in the beginning kind of bantering and bickering a bit. However over the course of the season they become more at ease with each other and their new position as agents of the Warehouse. Their bickering now is more playful, and they've grown more comfortable with each others company overtime, and we've seen them understanding the other and being there when the other isn't quite themselves and be there for moral support. Some people have already been shipping them since day one, but I honestly don't really see them together like that just yet. They have amazing chemistry and click so well, I don't deny that. I just find them better as being friends and partners than inside a romantic relationship. Not that I don't see the appeal because believe me, they would be adorable. I just find them more adorable when they're having this friendship that they have now, is all.

But my favorite character on the show? Claudia Donovan. ♥ ♥ ♥

I love her like, whoa. She has a spunky personality, is very adorable, has a wicked sense of humor, and she kind of reminds me of myself at times when I'm really immersed into something I really absolutely enjoy. Hers is of course with being a complete kid genius and loves inventing stuff on the whim, but she also has an adventurous side to her as well that I like, which tends to get her into some predicaments but I like that about her. She's learning, she has skills and has the potential of becoming a fabulous Warehouse agent in the future. I also love her relationships with everyone, so much great chemistry. I especially like her relationship with Pete, like that brother-sister kind of thing they have going on. Also how much of a father figure Artie is with her, they have history and it's kind of like he's now responsible for her in a sense and just seeing their push and pull relationship is very interesting to see, never mind the fact that I love seeing how they interact with each other. I just, there's something about Claudia that I see in myself and that's just having all this energy, about not particularly finding out where you belong until it's something that is challenging you, she's experimental and innovative and kind of adds that spice into the Warehouse in general. She's just a wonderful addition to the show and I love how she's becoming more and more involved with the team and seeing what she learns in the process.

With all the other characters, the quirkiness of Artie, the mysteriousness of Mrs. Fredrick, and the calm and airy Leena, they are all very fascinating as well. But I think when it's all said and done, I love the entire mini-family unit they've constructed together. It really shows how comfortable they all are with each other, even if there was something of distance between some characters and how they treated each other or felt about something that happened (Myka and Artie in S1 when Myka felt betrayed that Artie was withholding information from them, Leena and Claudia after the dealio with McPherson) they work it out in the end, and it's all good. It's those kinds of relationships, those bonds, that make the team stronger.

Which is why "Breakdown" my favorite episode ever because it has Myka, Pete and Claudia working as a team inside the Warehouse and proving that they can handle anything when they're together instead of apart. Never mind that MARK FRAKKING SHEPPARD appears in that episode, too, lol.

Overall, Warehouse 13 is that fun show that doesn't take itself seriously, if anything it's more about the characters and I think that's incredibly important. It's great that the entire cast is lovable and has that amount of chemistry, you can't help but love them. Also, this show is immensely crossover-able. I mean seriously, I've seen people crossing it over with Stargate Atlantis and Firefly and everything else in between. And you know what? It works because it's just that plausible with the setup they use with the artifacts and whatnot.

Right now I'm taking a step back from particular fandoms that are overwhelmingly giving me headaches and kind of focusing on more lighthearted-fun shows that won't leave me feeling frustrated or stressing out.

*goes off to watch new Eureka and Haven*

Also, why aren't there enough WH13 icons? Come on fandom, step it up!
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