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♪ Witches and wizards and magical beasts... ♪

A VERY POTTER SEQUEL! It is amazing, it is hilarious, just like the first one. Still lawling.

I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but I will say two things: Lucius Malfoy is as flamboyant as David Bowie in Labyrinth, and Lauren Lopez's Draco is still totally awesome and adorable. ♥

Catching up on all the incoming reports from what's happening at SDCC. There's much I'm sure will be flooding in over the course of the weekend, however the biggest points so far is Joss Whedon confirming to direct The Avengers (!!!) and the nerd counter-protesters of the WBC picketing signs. I knew that would happen, so seeing all these incredibly creative signs is just made of absolute win, in my opinion. You don't go messing with the nerds all up on their turf, m'kay? That's a recipe for disastuh, in the form of lulz, of course. ;p For the former, I hope this is a done-deal and nothing like with what happened with the Wonder Woman situation. Anyway, I'm gradually making my way through things being posted about the events, but I'm hoping all that are attending SDCC are having a wonderful and fun time! One of these days I just might attend a Comic Con event, just to experience the overwhelming energy.

The latest episode of Warehouse 13 was very enjoyable, then again everything about that show is enjoyable. Plus there was an appearance of Mark Sheppard, which I never have a problem with. Such a delightful, delicious man to watch on my screen. I hope he returns again, I need more of his awesome on my shows more often. I SWEAR TO GOD IF HE ATTENDS CHICAGO CON THIS YEAR (OR LA CON NEXT YEAR) I THINK I MIGHT PASS OUT. SRSLY.
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