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Caprica S1.5 full-length preview as shown from Comic Con. (Spoilers ahoy)

First of all, can I say HOLY SHIT THIS LOOKS AMAZING?! Because it so totally does, it kind of makes me relieved yet pissed at the same time that we've had this super long mid-season hiatus, because my interest in this show has just been upped several more notches just by watching this preview alone, for real. Now, to discuss certain points from the preview:

++ It seems like they kind of gave away a few things that we kind of speculated from the mid-season finale. From the looks of things, Amanda did commit suicide and Daniel probably made a virtual version of her but is unhappy about her not being real, which evidently would push him over the limit. Also it seems that Joseph and Evelyn are going to be seeing each other more extensively and intimately, as hinted in the last few episodes before the break.

++ Joseph and Sam are going to be working together, the entire Adama family in fact, against the Guatrau? Have no idea, but it seems to look amazing either way. Plus, anything dealing with the Taurons and their cultural history is what I'm looking forward to.

++ Zoe's gonna get more action this half of the season, which will extend more than just going into the V-Club and into the robot body and more into the V-World in general. I remember Alessandra talking in an interview a while ago about how she revealed she will be doing some hardcore fighting (as seen in the preview) because she's a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and the show wanted to put those skills of hers to good use. Which I'm very excited about, to be honest. Also, it looks like Tamara and Zoe are going to be meeting each other again, whether working together or as rivals it's difficult to say. Nevertheless, I want to see their interaction more than ever.

++ MORE AMAZING WORLDS FROM THE 12 COLONIES!! Just seeing it in the preview, and the new characters + costumes, gave me chills.


++ Cage fighting will never go out of style, especially when it's inside a virtual world. Just seeing Zoe with a sword makes me all happy and I want to see both her and Tamara kicking major ass.

++ Lacy is finally going to get something amazing with her storyline development, with her involvement in the Soldiers of the One and Barnabus, and I can't wait to see her grow from where she started out on the show. Her shouting at Barnabus, "I've done everything you've asked!" sort of mirrors her relationship with virtual!Zoe in a way, because of all the things she's putting herself on the line for yet getting nothing in return. I want to see how all this develops and what it leads for her.

Seriously, more people should watch this show. The final half of the first season is going to be pretty frakking epic, without a doubt. Which in turn, will make the entire first season incredibly fantastic and quite a ride, and that's why I think this almost-year-long mid-season hiatus is just bullshit. But that's what SciFi does, unfortunately. Also, I think more BSG fans should migrate to watch Caprica, I'm surprised many aren't jumping on the bandwagon. I'm also surprised that the BSG fandom seems to be rather...quiet these days, not as active, or perhaps that's just my observation, idk.

James Callis is too cute in this interview, I can't even. ♥ He mainly discusses his role on Eureka, it's not spoilery unless you don't know the general information about the character he's playing. But he's just too adorable, so animated and giddy in this he actually made me smile with his smiley face, d'aww.

I think aside from Misha, I honestly want to meet James Callis in person and have a long conversation with him about anything, because he's just a very fluent and intellectual kind of guy that really has so many fascinating things to talk about. He thinks about the roles he plays, he analyzes what he needs to do in understanding a scene, which we've heard about constantly from Battlestar Galactica and his preparation for something with his character, he does the same with his role on Eureka and I really just would love to listen to him speak about that. Or anything from philosophy to what he ate for breakfast that morning. Love him, sfm. ♥
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