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Inception Spoilers.

Now that my incoherence has died down a bit, here's my slightly disjointed thoughts on the film itself.

I think it's obvious in saying that this is the best movie to really have thinky-thoughts and discussions about, because while I understand it I also get confused at the same time. If that's even possible. It's a mindfuck, hence why I enjoyed it and why I understand the major praise it's receiving. Then again, it's Christopher Nolan. His movies are very mindfucking in their own right and really allows the audience to think about what is happening and come up with their own conclusions without really giving everything away. And Inception delivers many of those elements.

There's so much I wanna say, from the brilliant writing and amazing cast, but I think one of my favorite things about the movie was describing and mapping out the process of dreams, especially infiltrating someone else's subconscious and extracting information, and the implanting ideas into someone. I just, I find that concept incredibly fascinating. I kind of find dreams in general fascinating, which is what attracted me to this film in the first place. Just the technology used, mastering that kind of skills at knowing what is real and what isn't, and learning through Cobb's story about the consequences of inception itself and how dangerous it can be to someone's own psyche was interesting, but also heartbreaking. It's that kind of deeper stuff that makes you realize just how much one is deciding to play God, you know? Putting ideas into someone's mind, making them believe in one thing, to take it away but still believing in that world. Even though the Mal caged in his own created memories was more antagonistic than his real life wife, it really said a lot about the repercussions of such a power of getting inside people's heads and extracting information, much less planting ideas in their own minds. Cobb couldn't confront his own guilt and agony about what happened that he tried shutting it out, but it was part of the problem that he needed to face in order to move on. See, this is what's so interesting to me about this film; it's about conquering your own regret, about your subconscious and digging deeper into what is truly the issue.

Inception is thoroughly thought-provoking in this way. It explores all sorts of complexities of someone's own mind, their subconscious because the human brain is a highly complicated part of ourselves. We trap ourselves sometimes in a loop, whether dreaming or awake, the the very thought about someone planting ideas that aren't really your own yet you believe it is the truth is...well, kinda scary.

Another aspect I loved about this movie was the levels of dreams, the dreaming within a dream within a dream concept, and relativity of time between the three different levels and, of course, of limbo. Just, that's all mindfuckery at its best right there.

I also loved all the dream sequences, especially in the beginning where it went back and forth so it confuses you right from the start. It makes you question what is real and what isn't real, and even with such speculations at the end on whether Cobb was actually dreaming the entire time and had to overcome his own obstacles and finally reach redemption because of that. I particularly loved learning about such a dreamworld is like through Cobb teaching it to Ariadne. That's just spectacularly beautiful (the mirrors especially, the mirrors and her changing the concept of the dream).

Just, yeah. I really really really love Inception. The fact I want to figure it all out a day after seeing it makes it worthwhile, imo. It's so interesting and fascinating, it takes you on such a crazy kind of mindtrip. More talk later, I'm sure. Because my brain is still processing much of it and I definitely need to write out loads more stuff once I do.

Definitely will see it again, that's for sure.

It's funny, I haven't really been a moviegoer lately because I haven't been compelled to see anything in the theaters, until Inception that is, and that movie reminds me why I love those kinds of movies in the first place. I didn't think it would be possible to be enthralled and excited to see such a film besides Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this fall. But I've been proven wrong.

*goes off to find icons*
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