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Supernatural: The Animation teaser trailer. *___*

OMG IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WHEN IN MOTION! Even if it was just a brief moment, and I really want to hear their voices and see more of these new monsters and adventures. It looks like they are going to be more elaborate than what the show even presents to us, again an upside because they don't have to deal with budget issues in expanding the universe. Plus Japanese monsters, double yay! I CANNOT WAIT TO VIEW THIS! THE DESIGNS! THE IMPALA! JESS! YELLOW EYES! DEAN AND SAM LOOK AMAZING TOO! THE DESIGNS LOOK INCREDIBLE. Some people are complaining about it, especially Dean's design, but you know what? Whatever. I think they look just perfect for renditions of being animated versions of the characters. I mean come on, they're not going to look exactly like the actors right down to the freckles and bow-legs. Just looking at the designs without the voices and such, I think this is gonna be even more great than we ever realize. I'm really looking forward to seeing the outcome of the anime.

I am actually going to be buying/pre-ordering this when it comes out in January. Thank God for multi-region DVD players. \O/ I really hope this succeeds in selling well because I want them to do a second season focusing on the angel mythology, because you know that shit is gonna be awesomely epic regardless. Nevertheless, the anime is looking amazing so far, and the more we're hearing about it the more excited I get.

More unrelated good news, Jane Espenson is not only reported to be writing some episodes for the new season of Torchwood, but she's also written a play, "The Golden Guys" which will be the gay-male version of The Golden Girls. Starring none other than Caprica's very own Sasha Roiz! And it's been reported that Enver Gjokaj has been cast, as well? SO MUCH WANT IN THIS I CAN'T EVEN.
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