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Because I need to talk about this before tonight's new episode.

CLAUDIA AND FARGO! FARGO AND CLAUDIA! Could geeklove get any more adorable? I think not! ♥

When I heard about them possibly getting together I was uncertain how it was going to be handled, but lo and behold they just surprised me into making me all squeeful over the most adorable geeklovefest ever between these two awkward techies and their geekery. I mean come on, how can you resist Claudia's giddiness over the bizarre strangeness that happens and how she and Fargo kind of first met through what they love doing best and bonding over all of that. They're both awkward, but in an endearing way which reminds me of myself in many ways, particularly in the dating area (I mean seriously, haven't we all been there?)

Although I do have to mention the Todd situation. I actually liked the guy, but then that had to happen. Granted I think it should have been prolonged at least another episode, because we'd just met him as did Claudia. I mean, I understand why it had to happen and the reasons for it, but he didn't even provide an explanation to her about why he couldn't see her anymore. He just came over, told her and left. Dude, so uncool. At least give her a legitimate reason instead of dropping the bomb like that, sheesh. Especially to Claudia who you knew was kind of awkward in the beginning of the whole dating thing, I would be more worried about how she would handle the breakup rather than anything else. Because again, she's relatable to everyone who has ever been on their first dates ever, and that kind of blow is hurtful on so many levels. YES I AM DEFENSIVE BECAUSE NOBODY HURTS MY BB CLAUDIA LIKE THAT AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!

But Claudia's one tough chick, she can handle herself just fine. It's not like she doesn't have the support around her or anything. And hey, at least she gets Fargo who actually understands her! So yay, an upside right there. :D THEY LIGHTSABER FIGHTED SPIDER-LIKE MACHINES WITH A LASER+RING COMBO! WIN! \O/

Which brings me to the fundamentals of having a freaking crossover between these two SciFi shows. I mean, how utterly amazing is that in which they can find something to fit these two universes together so perfectly? Fargo on Warehouse 13 repairing the Warehouse computer systems and going on epic adventures and Claudia visiting Eureka and going on their own adventures there, as well. It's all sorts of awesomesauce.

And you gotta love Claudia's first words on Eureka: "S'up bitches!" So very Claudia, Vulcan sign and all.

Same with Fargo and Artie bickering at each other, lol. So much fun. What's even more hilarious is Pete and Myka's ongoing charades of Rock, Paper, Scissors throughout that episode. They are so cute. Everyone on these shows are so adorable, I can't even. ♥

I really wished we could have seen Claudia with Baltar though, especially if her phone dinged her because she has the "BY YOUR COMMAND" as her tone, as previously established in a previous WH13 episode. Would have been hilarious with such a callback, lol. But James Callis continues to be amazing on Eureka as trying to adapt from being a man out of the 1940s into 2010. The show does have some interesting things about that as well, but it would have been kind of interesting to see him and Claudia interacting, seeing her geeking out about things in front of him and using her lingo. I don't know why, it would have been amusing.

Though this does beg the question: Because of what is happening right now on Eureka and, assuming that these people do return to their own timeline by the end of the season, would that mean that the Claudia/Fargo relationship would cease to be? I mean, I know it might not last but their cuteness, their bonding. Although I think with everything, I think it means that Claudia and Fargo would eventually kind of bond over their geekery despite the timeline, because that's what got them together in the first place. So even if Fargo and the rest do return to their own timeline and they never met, they could and it would be rekindling that first meeting somehow and it would stay relatively the same.

But that does beg the question on how that happens...and how that would affect Warehouse 13, as well. Hmmmmm, inquiring minds want to know of this conundrum.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying both these shows, not even gonna lie. They are kind of my escapism right now. ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm also girlcrushing hard on Allison Scagliotti. Like, for real. ♥ Just seeing her portray Claudia on WH13 was enough to get me hooked, but I've been watching her video blogs she does for SciFi (seriously you guys, watch this with Allison and Neil Grayston being just so utterly adorable together, ajsdl;fkasjdf) and interviews she's been in and, yeah. Much love for this girl. I think we would become bffs if we knew each other in real life, in fact she reminds me so much of one of my best friends who lives in Monterey Bay.
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