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This is a Haven post.

Or, more like this is a Why You Should Watch This Show pimping post. This isn't necessarily spoilery, but more or less a list about the things I'm liking about SciFi's new show, Haven, so far and I feel this show has much potential to become something amazing, and reasons why people should give this show a chance because of it.

The Cast/Characters

The pretty aside, all these characters are unique in their own way. We have three main characters of the show, and even with just several episodes into the season there's definite chemistry and history between them all. We have our forefront female lead, Audrey Parker (played by Emily Rose) who demonstrates to not only be incredibly smart when figuring things out but also incredibly confident in what she does, a kind of confidence that is rarely seen on television shows, tbh. She accepts the town of Haven's weirdness and is driven by her curiosity of her past. There's also Nathan Wournos (played by Lucas Bryant) who is part of the local police department and kind of recruits Audrey to becoming his new partner while she's in Haven, so to speak, and he has a unique gift/curse which is tied in with all the rest of the weirdness happening in that town. And of course there's Duke Crocker (played by Eric Balfour) who kind of is a slight troublemaker but is sympathetic and adorable in his own right and gets along graciously with Audrey despite all of that, and has a jaded history with Nathan which has yet to be revealed at this point in time. All three were wonderfully cast and have great onscreen chemistry.

The best part? This show makes it easy to ship pretty much all these characters together. Nathan/Audrey. Duke/Audrey. Nathan/Duke. Nathan/Audrey/Duke. Whichever you want, it's all right there.

Based on Stephen King

The show is loosely based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King, which means it'll have some elements to King's novels but it's not exactly like the short story that he'd written, not entirely. The creators explain this in length in their commentaries about how this process came to be, how long they worked on it and consulted with Stephen King for the concept of the show, and how the mystery of the Colorado Kid will be the centerpiece of all that's happening around in Haven. It won't be exactly alike, but based around that very mystery. So even if you're not a Stephen King fan, you can still appreciate the show for what it is, as it's more of the suspenseful mystery aspect rather than horror, and it's really about piecing those clues together.

Settings and Cinematography

The Mysteries

Without giving anything away, I will say that the mysteries on Haven are half of the fun of watching it. There is a certain pattern to follow so it isn't like every mystery is a surprise reveal, but it's more figuring out how it's happening and what is going to happen in the end. Like piecing together that puzzle and how our main characters fit into it in some form or another, how will they try to cease what is happening and so forth. It's all rather fascinating to each week's mystery, all have something unique and different yet similar entwined with what is happening in that town, along with the the bigger part of the puzzle being the one that Audrey Parker is trying to solve once she arrived at Haven to begin with and how it all fits together.

Which I also have to say to coincide with that, the writing for the show so far has been fantastic, from the characters and how they interact to the mysteries surrounding them and how it all connects together.

Episode Podcasts

The creators of the show do episode commentaries which can be found on the Haven page of the SciFi website. Now, the reason why I'm mentioning this is because I find commentaries to be incredibly useful and helpful, especially to viewers who are wanting more inside scope if not on the show itself but also the process of creating a show, particularly a new show. The creators of Haven not only share their experience with creating this show from the start, but give tidbits and information on such a creative process and how utterly thorough they are with coming up with the concept and centering it around Stephen King's short story. While you do have to watch the episodes first before listening to the commentaries, because there be spoilers obviously, they give interesting details and their dedication to their work shows from how they talk about it.

Plus, they make it clear that they've mapped out precisely how this story is going to happen and how it's going to end, which they mentioned in one podcast they hope it won't be for a long time. But they know exactly how things are going to be wrapped up, it's more now about getting their with the mysteries and extending the story with these characters. That's something I like seeing with anything being created, knowing the beginning, middle and end and having that planned out from the beginning. They're also very funny to listen to, as well. And it's engaging to hear them talking about certain scenes and the things they liked, didn't like, could have done better on, what was improved from the original ideas, and so forth. So yes, the podcast commentaries are highly recommended for sure.

Unless you're a spoilerphobe, then I suggest just watching the episodes as they appear because they will add some spoilers for future episodes. Mild, but still spoilers nonetheless.

The Opening Credits

The title sequence is not only gorgeously put together with beautiful music, but it's been said that there's a hidden clue within it which will be gradually revealed as the season continues. Which I, personally, think is kinda clever how they constructed that. Also, the sequence shows kind of old history of the town that relates to what is happening, or reemerging, on the show right now. Can we just say awesome?

So, Why Should People Watch This Show?

What else is there on television these days? Nah, I'm just kidding. But honestly with new shows I feel like people need to give those a chance, especially to develop and find their own feet and Haven, even if it started off on a slightly uneven opening in the beginning, it's really starting to find itself on that solid ground after only a few episodes, and more viewers and audiences means that the ratings will rise and they can be ensured to get a second season. With the creators already having a plan about a beginning/middle/end of the story I would love to see it extended so they can fully tell this story the way they envision it rather than a quick wrap-up, and from the sounds of things they are planning to go in very interesting places with the show itself.

Haven is a show that has mystery and intrigued in the elements of Stephen King but also with something else added into the mix, excellent casting and chemistry between the characters and intertwining their stories with the bigger mystery that is unfolding, the writing and fluidity of how the episodes are, it's just certainly something worthwhile in my opinion. For people to give it a chance.

Where should you go for more information:

Haven @ + their forums

havenmaine (general community for Haven)
nathan_audrey (shipping community for Nathan/Audrey)
haven_fic (fanfiction comm)
haventv_icons (for icons/graphics)

This is just something in hopes others will take into consideration and dip their toes into, which will convince them that this is a worthwhile show to continue watching. Besides, the fandom news more than just me and the few random folks that watch it every week. I feel like this has massive potential that shouldn't be overlooked.
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