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Finals, Serenity, Fandom-ness, the usual

First off, Cho Chang (as played by Katie Leung), the exclusive official picture of the actress. Isn't she the sweetest looking girl you've ever seen? Insanely cute and very, very pretty. While I'm not fond of Cho Chang as a character, the actress portraying her is just the cutest little thing! I simply cannot wait to see her outfit for the Yule Ball, because she's going to look goregous in whatever it is.

Final exams are this week, and I just had my Mass Media final this morning. This Friday will by the Film exam, and I'm not entirely sure I know all the material. Discussions in class, while productive and entertaining, are extremely hard to follow if having to miss a day or two. Some of the things on the study guide my professor handed us asks to identify certain things that I cannot recall him going over in class, and after a review day and getting the answers, I'm still slightly vague on the actual definitions and examples for specific questions. Because, let's face it, basically all professors give tough final exams that have mixed and trick questions that are difficult to follow even if you did study for it. Or at least, that's been my experience. I'm wishing for the best, hoping to pass and studying before the final Friday (and I get two relaxation days to rejuvenate until that time comes!).

Shiny 'Verse News: Serenity Comic Book Mini-Series! The exclusive preview for the amazingly drawn comic book of the Firefly 'verse. All colorfied and looking glamorous as ever, including first looks at Inara, Jayne, and Mal. Along with four shiny first glimpses at what's to be expected with these beautifully drawn comic books graphic novels.

I want these, and I'll give an arm and a leg -- even my soul -- to get them. Because, holy shit! The best part? Joss Whedon is writing the dialogue and storyline for these, along with Brett Matthews.

How long 'till September, again?
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