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All you need is lahv lahv lahv!!!


Hello and welcome to all newly acquainted friends from the meme! As some of you have noticed I will be spammming loads of Misha/Castiel things every single week, if not every single day, because I love him and he's my primary focus lately, and also capslocking my fangirlish squee every now and again about various things, sometimes at random. So if you haven't been scared off or bored to death by any of this yet, congrats! We be on the same wavelength. Looking forward to getting further acquainted with the lot of you. ♥

++ Arthur/Eames has been on my mind lately, to the point where I actually had a dream about them the other night. It's funny because I haven't even read any fanfiction of them yet. This needs to be redeemed, methinks. Anyone have any good recommendations of where to start?

++ Well, this could potentially become a disaster, since this is the SPN fandom after all. I hope they end up picking the random few intelligent questions rather than the ones that are just either inappropriate or that have already been asked gazillions of times before, to save us the second-hand embarrassment. Though I do hope some random questions for Misha are left in there, I would love to hear what kind of answers he would give, lol. Oh, and another thing, what is up with the tracklisting on the S5 OST? This leaves me wondering if this is legitimate or this was done strictly for the lulz, because all these titles seem like what a cracked out fangirl would come up with for badfic. O_o

++ New Haven and Eureka tonight! Whoo-hoo! \O/
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