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Your brain is the best weapon ever.

You know how when you're reading a fic and it was clear that it hasn't been beta'd? I read one last night, except the person claimed that it was beta'd, except it had all these spelling and grammatical errors, along with unnecessary paragraphs of descriptions that really didn't belong imo, that I was immediately thrown out of the story a few times because of it. So this is something that one would require having a backup beta to catch the mistakes the previous beta didn't. It's just the little things one notices.

Speaking of reading, more with the book meme:

Day 06 - Favorite book of your favorite series and/or your favorite book of all time

Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix are my two favorite books of the Harry Potter series.

I think out of the entire series those two were the best volumes. Prisoner of Azkaban was the first book that introduced me to Harry Potter in the first place so there’s definitely a sentimental attachment, and I was incredibly pleased, but also saddened, by Order of the Phoenix for reasons everyone knows. It was so devastating yet powerful at the same time. Also, coming in directly behind them would definitely have to be Half-Blood Prince, mostly due to the atmosphere and the humanizing of Draco Malfoy, who yes is one of my favorite characters.

Things have been moving slow lately, which means my brain has been on overdrive which also means my muse has returned. Everyone knows that I am addicted to multifandom crackpairings, almost as fun as making meta and parallels between fandoms. I found another one that just was conjured out of nowhere, but it makes sense in that weird sort of way: Crowley/Lafayette. Don’t lie, this is crack waiting to happen. *g*

I'm also brainstorming ideas for a SPN/WH13 crossover that's been in my head for some time. Hey, there's already a SPN/Haven fic that's been written out there okay? Anything is possible....
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