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Misha Collins = Best cure for a bad day.

Going from a craptastic morning of getting woken up at some ungodly hour and having to deal with things I would have preferred not to deal with, and communicating with certain people that have lesser brains than Neanderthals, thus being incredibly cranky and blah, to going online and seeing awesomeness ensue. Obviously I'm talking about Misha Collins. First, he makes me cry with this interview with him talking about Random Acts and giving a personal story about why this is important to him (srsly you guys, legit tears of happiness and heart swelling happened while reading, negl). He's been making rounds all over with endorsing his charity, and I think that's great. So heartfelt and for a good cause too, this is why I love him sfm. ♥

And then oh yeah, the tweets from his panel from VanCon today are coming in, plenty of shenanigans and hilarity ensues, naturally of course.

++ When getting asked the "Fuck, Kill and Marry" question of the characters, he would fuck himself (as Castiel), kill Sam and marry Dean. OTP BITCHES. \O/ Also, I'm not entirely surprised that he would want to fuck himself. It's just a Misha-esque thing to expect of him. ;)

++ He knows about LiveJournal, thus providing more evidence that he probably has a sockpuppet account and stalking fandom/reading slashfic in private.....

++ Misha really wants to make a musical episode of Supernatural, to which my immediate response after seeing this is, GET JOSS WHEDON ON THE PHONE, STAT! XD Can you imagine if Misha and Joss worked together? Forget Kripke, I want Misha to do something with Joss Whedon because they would be unstoppable with their creative genius, heeee! He also says that Jared and Jensen would love to do a crossdressing episode to let their real personalities out, lol!

++ He talks about Stonehenge Apocalypse, and thinks that the Spongebob Squarepants movie was "fucking awesome." Heeee.

++ Apparently Misha wet his pants during the accidentally spilling a water bottle on his jeans, lol.

That's all I could get so far. There's a lot of retweeting of the same things and I betcha anything some video/audio will be available sometime this evening, tomorrow at the latest. This makes me even more excited for Chicago Con that is like a month and some away, just with all the antics going on over in Vancouver right now. Again, this man can make a crappy day not so crappy anymore. Oh Misha, never ever change you craycray man. ♥

Yes, I realize I talk/gush/fangirl Misha a lot. Can you really blame me though? ;)
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