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*hearts all around*

I've currently found a new show to watch: My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox. A Korean drama about a guy who accidentally unleashes a legendary fox with nine-tails in guise as a girl and ends up doing crazy things to prevent her from eating his liver.

Oh Asian drama, never ever change. ♥

Seriously though, it's cute in a wacky sort of way and totally not what one would expect. It really does a great job in incorporating the Gumiho legend into modern times, plus it's so ridiculously adorable I think I may have to puke kittens and puppies because of it. I'll write more about it later because I'm still looking for more of the episodes being subbed and I want to review it all after I finished watching it.

In other news, I'm having some technical difficulties with my main computer so I'm currently using my laptop, this also means that for the shows that I've been watching lately I have to re-download because I have to get caught up.
Tags: kdrama: my girlfriend is a gumiho, kdramas, new fandoms
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