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Where WOWP has taken over my life, again.

I just caught up with the episodes I missed of Wizards of Waverly Place. I know, most of you don't watch it, but I feel like I gotta talk about something that's been bugging me about a particular storyline they introduced and ended rather quickly.

I watched the episodes with the new introduced character Stevie who, unfortunately, didn't get enough time to really be in the show because they decided to make her "evil" and then, surprisingly enough for a Disney show, kill her off. Sound vaguely familiar to how Supernatural treats their supporting characters, doesn't it? Anyway, I rather liked Stevie. I thought she was a great addition and I don't see why people didn't; she was the equivalent to Alex, they got along great, there could have been excellent shenanigans happening between them. I thought she was hilarious for a rebellious new girl. It would have been awesome if Alex had another wizard friend. But then, they had to label her "evil" for the sake of wrapping up her character arc and really kind of ended it badly with that, inevitably killing her off, and I don't really like that. Mostly because of what they're implying about how they see things in black and white.

Wanting to change the system of the wizard competition isn't evil, it just means people want a change from the structure of their government and how they deem it unfair. Sure, Stevie lost the competition to her brother and bailed before the transaction ever happened and possibly was bitter about it, but with 5,000 other young wizards who don't want to give up their powers, is that a crime? Does that make them evil? No, of course not. It makes them wanting to create a democracy over something that they seem to think needs to change because, Lord knows how long the wizard competition has been taken place.

The revolution in itself was a great idea, perhaps not planned out properly, but it's something I wished the show would focus more on and could have expanded because it makes sense that younger wizards would want to change such a rule like this. In fact I had a plot very similar to this for a story before even watching the episode, because it seemed like a natural kind of plot to deal with. Now I'm not expecting the show to be perfect in their writing -- they're actually making fun of their inconsistencies with their recent episodes -- however I hate the notion that Stevie was called out to be evil when there wasn't anything evil about her. It wasn't like she was trying to get all the powers for herself, she was just ensuring that no other wizard would give up their powers again. With the right kind of campaigning it would be been an intriguing setup for something bigger, something I kinda want to see happen in the sequel movie that will be made. Because really, a final WOWP movie has to be about the real competition to close everything out in a grand finale, and this could have been a perfect opportunity to have it open-ended for that (unless they are saving that for the fourth season, which I doubt).

I don't know. I just thought they could have done better with that, and I hated that they made Justin not trust his sister in thinking she had gone bad. You'd think after all they've gone through together he would have had more faith in her. Also with Stevie, they had much potential with her and she could have been awesome, and then they did this. I don't know whether it was of her contract or what, but I'm disappointed they left it off there.

And really, is there any continuity between the show and the movie? I just wish there could be some references between both, but then again that would be asking too much for consistency.

Oh, and also? Did the Russo's just commit murder on Disney? Because Alex froze Stevie and Max tipped her over, shattering her into little pieces, and they just shrug it off. Unless there's magic to undo that, they didn't seem that worried and that kind of frightens me a bit that they can get away with stuff like that....

TL;DR: I think way too much about Disney shows in trying to make logical sense out of them, which is kinda like trying to throw a rock through a brick wall. But heh, you know me.

I mean I still love the show, I still love and adore Alex sfm because she reminds me a bit of myself with her mischievous side, and I still support Justin/Alex until my little heart explodes because theyarejusttoocute and my OTP like for realsies, but sometimes they have something good going and then they kind of hit that dead-end. Which you know, I wouldn't care if this was any other Disney show, but WOWP is different. Seriously writers, spend more time thinking through certain storylines will ya? There better be an epic wizard competition like the one in the movie, or else I'mma calling foul.
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