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I've got no school for this entire week! Yay! That means I can sleep in now, assuming that I can sleep in. I've been on my weird sleep schedule now since I've been waking up about around 5 or 6 in the morning for the past three weeks, and now I have to get used to not getting up that damn early in the morning, which is a pain in the ass because I hear my loud and talkative sister before she gets off to college. *grrr*

But starting next week I have to walk to school instead of getting a ride there, which is not all that great. It's not like I can't walk over there - I just don't want to. Yes, I know, I'm a lazy person.

But there is another piece of good news that is making me all giddy and tingling all over just thinking about him. He's my new obsession to date. Alan Rickman. He's sexy and hot and handsome and his voice.... *shivers* Gotta love his voice! God, just listening to him speak, whether it be on or off screen, just gives me that low-down tickle that makes me so hot and tingly.... *shivers again*

*coughs* Okay, um, what was I saying....?

Oh yeah. Well, after me and my sister rented a few Alan Rickman movies over the weekend I just fell in love with him. Not that I wasn't already, but after seeing something else other than the Harry Potter movies, Dogma, and Galaxy Quest, I began to really, really, really love him more than I already did.

Sense and Sensibility was the movie that I fell in love with. This was the first role I've seen him play a rather sensitive, shy good guy. I really sympathized him in this movie - why couldn't Marianne see that he was in love with her? Why did she have to pick him second? *Grrr* I would've picked the beloved Colonel Brandon the moment he walked into the room, after I jumped him and cuddled him senselessly, that is.

Also, I saw the music video - thanks to my sister - song called In Demand by Texas and he's in it. As I was watching it, I was smiling, and when it got further into the video my jaw literally dropped as I was still smiling in complete awe when I saw him dancing the tango with the girl (at a gas station, no less), and the way he was dancing the tango..... *shivers*

There are no words. None at all at the way that man can dance - and, boy oh boy can that man dance sexy with the sexiest moves I've ever seen!! *swoons*

Oh....I also saw Alan naked from screen caps from the movie, Dark Harbor. And I have no shame. No shame whatsoever. Oh, yeah baby!

*wicked smile* Yes, I am a naughty girl. Yes I am. But, you've got to admit that his voice can get any girl into a mental orgasm. I know he definitely has done that to me plenty of times....
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