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Thoughts and Musings: Celebrityisms (a rarity here)

Am I the only person out there that isn't squirked about the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise relationship?

Okay, at first it was strangely peculiar that this was actually going to play out relatively well -- since, after all, it started out as a rumor (much like the Angelina/Brad scandal). However when it was officially confirmed that they were dating, I didn't particularly mind. It seems that everyone is nitpicking these two and are really irked by Katie Holmes romancing with an older man. Is it really that uncommon for a woman in her twenties to date someone in their thirties/fourties? Granted, it was hard to believe that it would've happened so soon with them, but I still cannot understand people's squeamish reactions.

In the overall situation, they're both rather mature adults and this is their choice. The media will get all over them, including the paparazzi -- because being a celebrity limits their freedom to privacy, now that their relationship is out in the open -- however, I'm not entirely squirkified by the fact that Katie and Tom are dating. In fact, it's rather sweet in my personal opinion. The Angelina/Brad thing, however, is iffy to either go yay or nay about.

The question now is: how long is the relationship going to last? Seeing that generally all celebrity relationships end up as either flings or short-term marriages.
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