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I love fandom like Arthur loves paradoxes.

I know people are excited for the new S6 promo and I don't mean to harsh anyone's squee, but I feel rather spoiled now with people posting it everywhere without a cut. I know it's just an embedded video and I can just scroll passed it, but seeing it posted many times on my flist can kind of be distracting, particularly since I am still spoiler-free about everything. So, common courtesy please?

Anyway, there's been some exciting and interesting things happened in fandom lately:

++ Caprica returns on October 5th instead of January! \O/ It seems like the folks over on SciFi are finally doing something right, since these extended mid-season hiatuses are getting rather irritating. There's been no official word yet about it being renewed, and I know some are worried because of this change, however I am staying optimistic because it's because of this change-back to the original scheduling for a fall return is the best thing the network has done in rearranging their schedule.


++ Misha makes typical sarcastic Tweet, people don't get it and unfollow him, Misha snarks makes fun of unfollowers for not understanding witty sarcasm. As always, Misha wins the Internet.

++ Via inception_kink prompt: MY LITTLE INCEPTION PONIES! LOOKIT THE CUTENESS, ESPECIALLY FISCHER. OMG FISCHER WITH THE LITTLE PINWHEEL. SDJ;FALSDJFLASKJDF *cuddles forever* Seriously, that prompt was perfect and this person is awesome for making it so. Bless this fandom. ♥
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