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Haven 1.09 "As You Were"


They seriously went to the creepy place with this episode, didn't they? And I liked it, really touched all my horror-loving buttons complete with a huge scary house on a deserted island where the lights go out at random times in the middle of a night in a thunderstorm. Awesome. I really loved the mystery too about the shape-shifter/chameleon. It's like the classic whodunit but spookier. Everything was misleading (I honestly was expecting the visiting daughter the entire time, but this show really makes it so you have to think more outside the box) I never expected the twist to it having been taken Audrey's shape. It wasn't until Nathan's experiment that made me go ooooh! My favorite thing about that is we get a Nathan/Audrey kiss and he doesn't really reveal to the real Audrey how he figured it out or what happened in the previous episode. It would be too early, in my opinion.

What I also loved was having more implications about something being different about Audrey in general. Why Nathan can feel her touch and only hers, why these things always happen to her and how it all connects between her and her mother, with the Troubles, and so forth.

That ending though, with Duke revealing the necklace and that he knew her mother? That he was the little boy in the picture. Shocked me completely. Totally wasn't excepting that either. O_O

Now, I'm not familiar with The Colorado Kid so I'm not entirely sure what all this means, but I'm dying to find out because this is one mystery I am very fascinated with. There's definitely a larger picture with all these connections, and I will make a theories post soon about what those are.

I am sad about Eleanor, though. I really liked her, she had a great attitude and I felt like she could have made a great ally alongside Audrey in helping her find more information about her mother. She also seemed like the only person in Haven at the time who was willing to accept the weirdness and would always be ready to help when necessary. So yeah, I'm sad she's gone. ;___;

I also watched the premiere of Nikita and...I'm really loving the start of it. I know some people were apprehensive because of the original series, but this is taking more of rendition based on the film, which is what the original series was based off of as well. It was only the pilot so there needs to be some time to gain a rhythm of its own, but so far I think it has major potential. Plenty of exciting aspects, twists and unexpected turns, and an interesting cast. I mean hey, strong kickass females are always a plus in my book, not only that but having an Asian actress for the leading role is major win. \o/

And it's strange that it's on the CW. Normally that network is more for the soap opera melodramatics than plot-related action/spy shows. So, kudos for them greenlighting it. Now let's hope it gets noticed so it can have a steady run....
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