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I fell in love with my rock god.

You know what's funny, I still see people questioning on why Dean's eyes bled in "Bloody Mary", wondering what secret did he have. I think someone even wrote that question in for Jensen in that Twitter thing a while back (like Jensen would know the answer or even remember what happened in that episode, anyway...) I honestly think that it's rather insignificant judging from what was happening, Mary was trying to kill them both because they were trying to destroy her, so it had nothing to do with whatever dark secret he might have labored, if he had one. Now it wouldn't be a problem because of what happened in Hell, but back then, and knowing the lives of hunters in general, it could be a number of things. One could argue of what was revealed in "Something Wicked", but yeah, I think in context of what was happening in that scene I don't think it means what people think.

Sorry, this is what happens when I keep thinking about this kind of stuff. It's been nagging at my brain on why people are still hung up on that. What do you all think?

Anyway, right now I have new current obsessions. Rewatched Nikita again and I still love it, hopefully it continues to go on this strong or possibly stronger as the season goes on. Haven continues to shock and amaze (and potentially scare) me in the best ways. I'm more excited for Caprica to return than any other show at the moment, because Cylons trump everything else, this is just trufax. 2NE1 released three music videos and I am in love with every single one of them and they just did a comeback performance this morning (CL is so fucking fierce I can't stand it). Oh, and Selena Gomez's new album had leaked the other day, and I've been listening to it and I love all of it. Seriously, I think this one is way better than her first. Definitely going to buy this when I get the chance.

Yes, I am a Selena Gomez fan and I am unashamed of this fact. Out of all the Disney stars she's by far the most grounded, humble and decent role model for young girls. ♥ I love love love her sfm. AND SHE'S GONNA BE IN A MOVIE WITH KATIE MOTHERFUCKING CASSIDY AND MY BB LEIGHTON MEESTER! THREE OF MY FAVORITE LADIES AND GIRLCRUSHES ONSCREEN TOGETHER = BRAIN S'PLODE FROM THE AWESOME. :D
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