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What these dreams are made of.

Day 14 - Favorite character in a book (of any sex or gender)

Man, this is hard because there are many characters that I favored or identified with when reading certain books or series. It's hard to choose just one otherwise I'll be here all night.

I'm gonna have to say Gaia Moore from the Fearless books by Francine Pascal. Simply because I not only loved her character, I kinda wanted to become her in many ways. She was skilled and efficient in many talents, chess and math and martial arts and of course the inability to feel fear, she was trained and often smarter than others perceived her as which gave her to upper hand in certain situations, she was able to not really give a shit about anything around her and not care what people thought about her. But at the same time she wasn't indestructible, she had many flaws and some of those I mentioned were her flaws, but over the course of the series she kind of developed certain connections with people and learned from her experiences with them. She's a damaged kind of character that sort of realizes herself along the way because of her flaws, which is what it takes for me to like characters. She's likable and we understand her from the start, but we also learn more about her as she does along the way and that's another thing I liked about the series as a whole.

Day 15 - Your "comfort" book

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling. I know, it's kinda cliche and cheating to say Harry Potter for all these questions, but the first book of the series is seriously the most comforting book to go back to especially knowing where the characters wind up towards the end of everything. It gives me such nostalgia reading it again and again.

Okay, this is incredibly random, but did anyone else notice the parallels or connections to BSG and Firefly in Inception? "Cobol" Engineering? Mal and Cobb? I mean I did make these connections when I first saw the film and it might all just be a coincidence, but with my fannish brain there are no coincidences.

I'm actually making my way through creating more appreciation posts of prompting certain shows, like what I did with Haven some while ago, since there are handfuls of shows out there that seriously do need more people watching them or else they are going to suffer the fate of being canceled when they shouldn't be. I'm working on a Caprica one right now, then I'm going to to Warehouse 13 and Nikita, and others as I go along. It's my way of spreading the word about shows many might not know about otherwise.
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