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Random is happening. It must be Monday.

Things that make me happy:

++ I think I mentioned a while ago that I'm gradually learning to play the piano, I'm still at it. Right now alongside the typical things like Beethoven's stuff that are very easy to learn, I'm kind of more dedicated to learning Bear McCreary's pieces because I love his music and duh, BSG. Come on. It's funny though, I used to be able to read music because I was in band in elementary school, but I've totally forgotten how! So I'm relearning it. XD There's a minor issue with our piano, which we've had like forever, because the strings are kind of out of tune and it's sounding all weird. But that's fixable, I just don't want to do it myself because I don't trust myself with these things, lol.

++ Shopping. I'm kind of buying myself a whole new wardrobe not just for the fall but also for Chicago next month. I might make a fashion post later, who knows. My closest is gonna suffer, for sure. I already have so much shit in there it's insane.

++ I HAS MY COMPUTER BACK! My main computer was having some technical difficulties for the last couple of weeks (aka the Blue Screen of Deatttthhh!!) for whatever reason, we don't really know, but it's been fixed now. *knocks on wood* It's where I keep the majority of my work, but I'm making sure to back them up anyway. But I'm happy to have it back. It's just weird because I've been using my laptop since it's been down, so I've gotten used to really using it instead of the other, heh.

++ Misha Collins, as always. ♥ He always makes me happy.

Things that make me laugh:

++ This morning was so weird. Like okay, I'm still chauffeuring my sister because she needs to get another car, so I'm driving her to work and all this weird stuff was happening that normally doesn't happen when I drive her to her work. Like we counted three cars along the way having stopped at the side of the road because of whatever troubles they had, there was a fire near an abandoned house on a dry abandoned field, a car was staled in the middle of the road and three motorcyclists came out of nowhere from the area to help. Literally, they like zoomed by at random. And there was a dead squirrel on the road. I don't know, you had to be there, but it was just weird and I think I was too punchy I kept laughing when it happened. Anyway, yeah. I'm weird. Today is weird. lol


The entire panel from this year's Dragon*Con is completely hilarious also, but this really had me laughing until I was crying last night, I swear. I love the gags they play on each other, Nathan in particular loves planning these kinds of pranks on them by calling into their panels and just the random things they do to each other (feel bad for the people wanting to ask questions though, damn Nathan and him spoiling things! but in the most entertaining way of course). I still love that after all these years all these people are still close friends and go to these conventions. They are so adorable and comfortable with each other, I love this cast so much. Best big damn cast ever, imo. ♥

And this is why I think Nathan Fillion and Misha Collins would get along so well. Just saying because it's true. They would make the best partners in crime, I'm so not joking. It needs to happen. *g*
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