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From one dedication to another...

Well, if there's anything you can count on with Supernatural is the mass destruction it leaves fandom. I don't want to talk about that premiere though, as I've already expressed my opinions and feelings about it so it's rather unnecessary to repeat all that's been said until I properly write my review. If I can get through it without ranting or snarking, that is. But I do have one particular thing to mention that apparently I missed from that night: Did Yellow-Eyes imply that Castiel was Dean's sugar daddy? Someone wrote out the exact quote he said when speaking to Dean, and here I'm thinking, of course YED would say something like that. That's who he is, lol. It made me realize how much I missed Fredric Lehne as the Yellow-Eyed Demon, actually.

Something just came to my realization that the episode Castiel will be returning in will be airing the weekend of Chicago Con, which starts on Friday. I don't know the schedule from the convention so I don't know what's going to happen, are they going to be live streaming the episode? Will the activities be rearranged so the fans can watch? Seriously, this is essential people. The majority of fans there will want to watch the new episode regardless so, I don't know what will happen. D:

But two more weeks until Chicon, yay! \o/

I've actually been rekindling my watching of V, since I just watched Morena's panel from Dragon*Con, and I feel kind of guilty that I started watching the show but kinda forgot about it. So I've been catching up on that because I feel like this is a show that many people should be watching but aren't even if it had gotten off on a rocky start, you know? Plus Morena Baccarin! Also catching up on Nikita too, watched more of Haven, and some other shows. I just want everyone to know that I am involved in other fandoms besides Supernatural. It seems like that's all I talk about these days (well, that and mostly Misha Collins too, obviously). But I'm not neglecting my other shows, in case anyone was wondering.

Anyone else excited for CAPRICA returning on the 5th? Frak yeah Cylons, y/y? ;p
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