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Ever wake up exhausted?

I suddenly have the urge to rent Bend It Like Beckham, because after hearing how highly praised it is -- and after seeing the trailer online -- I'm intrigued. Seriously, it's that kind of feel-good movie about having the courage to follow your dreams. It's also nice to see an international movie like this have such a large amount of critics praising it worldwide.

Afterwards, I think I'm finally going to rent Suicide Club and Shikoku. Only because Chiaki Kuriyama is supposed to be really good in Shikoku, even if the movie isn't as good as it's rumored to be. But I'll make my own judgement of that.

Also, is Summer Glau going to be guest starring on The 4400? That is what it looks like on some of the previews for season two, but on her IMDB profile it doesn't say anything in her guest appearances. Nor on her filmography.

I'm still watching it regardless, though.
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