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Wouldn't you pick this up at first glance?

Day 19 - Favorite book cover (bonus points for posting an image!)

I chose this specifically because of the controversy surrounding the recently coverart change, as it is seen as racist because it seems Asian-themed covers won't draw a wider audience of readers. Which is ridiculous and utter bullshit, really. You can read more about this outrage here along with seeing the "changed" cover that is deemed more "appropriate" and judge for yourself which one is the better. Personally, I think this cover is gorgeous, and definitely eye-catching and even without reading it I know I would want to pick it up. This is marketing, not trying to turn it into something basic and thinking people will go for it. No, something that pops out to the eye and this cover does that exactly, not some badly photoshopped version. Also, to change the cover from an Asian-based story to something that is clearly non-Asian is not only misleading about what the story is about but also blatant racism whether they admit to it or not.

Someone also pointed out the Indonesian cover, which is also very beautiful.
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